Booked Up!

Good Friday Afternoon! We are officially booked up until 2019 with our next three trips lined up totaling more than 4,000 miles! WooHoo! We will bounce around like a pingpong ball but they will all be nice trips since there is plenty of time to get the job done without killing ourselves.

We have a live load appointment Saturday morning then will make our way across the Northern United States as the map is currently drawn. We won’t broadcast from here to the shipper since it is only about 6 miles. That really isn’t worth setting up for that short of a distance. As soon as we get done loading, we will turn the cameras on and roll towards the delivery and enjoy the ride.

Our moderator, Ken Laws from Nebraska has been hard at work editing a video compilation of us entering each state (except Maine and Vermont). I hope you enjoy it. Pretty nice to see this video from the years we have been broadcasting! Great job Ken, I appreciate you and your continued efforts to keep the Road Crew informed about all the statistics!

14 thoughts on “Booked Up!

  1. Nice video; Ken Laws always does great stuff. FYI, Maine and Vermont ARE in there; looks like some old winter footage in both cases. Safe travels and Lord bless.

    1. Yes-since there wasn’t any video of him actually crossing the Maine and Vermont state lines, I just put clips in there of him driving in those two states.

  2. Thanks Ken for putting this video together, it’s fantastic. Love the varying responses from Steve entering each state. Sometimes understated and sometimes with a little tune and enthusiasm….

  3. Hi Steve. It looks like there’s only one drop with this load. What are points “C” and “D” on the map then? Will you have to visit the repair shop for the headlight?

    1. The extra markers are route points only. I had to make via points in order for Google to draw the map correctly

  4. Just viewed the all states video. Ken Laws done excellent job. Steve has unique and very interesting career as driver and photographer and singer. Thats a little stretch but just wish Steve and all road crew a Merry Christmas Mash It—-you too Santa

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