Sunday Delays

Ggood Sunday morning ya’ll. This morning we are on standby mode since our trailer still isn’t ready. It should have been ready no later than 2am. This now ruins any chance of on time delivery.  As soon as we get rolling and out of the shopper’s gates, we start broadcasting!

4 thoughts on “Sunday Delays

  1. Good morning Steve! These delays must be so frustrating, but we realize there’s not a darn thing you can do about it. Thanks for the update. I’m sure you’re anxious to get rolling, and your road crew will be ready when you are. Safe travels always!

  2. Hi Steve how’s it going We watch your videos all the time. I must say that you’re really good driver . I’m getting ready to take my truck driving training and will be on the road before long just hope i can one day be as good as you

    happy trucking and a Merry Christmas from Hazard Kentucky

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