15 thoughts on “One last day

  1. oh steve i found out your hint that starts with a A we are heading too arizona since thats the only state that starts with a A and buy the way that would be W not N has you said we would be heading N on the stream so we would be heading W too arizona this next trip

    so what did i win steve for gusting it right

    1. Lol, you don’t win. Now you owe me a coffee. I didn’t say the state started with an A, I said the place we are going to deliver to next started with an A. And yup, we do head back North.

  2. Hi Steve: Sorry about missing you as you passed by Wichita Falls. I got caught napping unaware that you had to stop in Iowa Park to fix a wire. I wish you a blessed New Year!!!

      1. Steve: I was not aware of that particular procedure regarding your passing by. Since you made the stop in Memphis, I knew that you would only pass thru and not stop, thus I merely would have waived as you went by and nothing else. I wish you safe travels in 2019.

  3. He is a Beautiful Star indeed, and you really know how to pick those Sunday videos. When I lived in Georgia, every Christmas I would sing that song with an older lady in my church named Myra. I would sing lead, and she would sing back-up. She is with the Lord now. Those are great memories. Safe travels, Lord bless, and happy New Year.

  4. hi steve i really wish you can do a trip too sonora CA one day so i can meet you may be one day when you are on vacation in the stockton CA area may be you can rent a car or some in can take a nic drive up here keep in mind if you do a trip to my area there are no truck stops in my area the closet one would be on exit 485 in stockton it feels like that am the only one that you have not got a ch too meet yet and would like too meet you one day keep in mind i all so cant drive other wise next time you where going too be in the stockton area i would come down too exit 485 and meet up with you i used too live in stockton CA off of lower sacmento road area so i no some area of town vary well sonora CA is really a nic place too come spend the day

    in fact here is the webcam of downtown sonora

  5. hi steve i hop that this is not the same place that took 22hrs too load you you all most could have had a 34hr restart that last time if you had too wait other 12hrs or so

  6. by the way stave what kind of stoplights do you like do you like the sideways ones like you see in WI TX NE a new mx or do you like the vertical traffic lights better ?

  7. Steve, just a heads up, somebody threw a cinder block off the overpass on I69 near Anderson, IN the other day. Hit a truck they haven’t caught anybody yet. Be Safe,

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