Iowa Delivery

Afternoon everyone! We have arrived at our delivery but are in the bullpen waiting on a door. This place seems to be rotating trucks in and out of the dock fairly quickly so hopefully it won’t be too long of a wait. I am pretty confident we will spend the night here though since we are only 5 hours away from our 14 hour clock for today. We already have our next trip lined up so we just keep rolling along! I will update the next trip here shortly.

12 thoughts on “Iowa Delivery

  1. How cool, your website is snowing and Santa Clause and reindeer. I do thank you for all you do for the road crew. You have a website that compliments your live stream so well. I keep the website up most of the time and stream when you are streaming. I don’t chat much but i enjoy watching the other crew members chat. AGAIN THANK YOU VERY MUCH. i having been watching you for 1.5 years now.

  2. Merry Christmas to Steve and Road crew And a Happy Happy new year …love the Big Rig Travels Website and with the Christmas spirit Added …………Thank you steve I will be watching you over xmas sometimes live sometimes replay im happy I found this site and people on the road crew

  3. 12:40 Saturday. You just stopped at the exact point where watched the solar eclipse. Drove from ATL to catch it. Then on to PDX via NE, SD, WY, MT, and WA. Here’s hoping you’ll see your folks this holiday season.

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