Afternoon to everyone! I’m hoping your Christmas was a great one. We have arrived a few hours early for our delivery appointment, but we went ahead and checked in. They will try to unload us earlier, but no promises. Our next shippers is also from this location so possibly we can get both done at the same time. As soon as anything happens, we will let ya know. In the meantime, can we reach 25,000 YouTube Bigrigtravels channel subscribers by New Year’s Eve???

13 thoughts on “Work-in

  1. 25000? Sure you can! Think positive 🙂
    Too soon to ask what you brought all the way from Wisconsin?
    I have to guess that it’s cheese?!

        1. Because A is hidden underneath B. Our starting point is the same as the shippers. And the C in Limon, Colorado is not an actual stop, but rather just a route point to make the map draw the correctly.

  2. I’ve been watching your livestream and website for over a year but just subscribed yesterday. Hope you get to 25K by 2K+19. And that next trip looks like a real winner. Merry Christmas, safe travels, and Lord bless.

  3. hi steve not sure if you no but on snowman cam i saw your head lights where still on may want too think about truning them off

    any ways number of miles today ? and hrs lift on he clock ??? thanks

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