Daily Summary for 2/15/2023

Big Rig Steve broadcast day ended near Frackville, PA. BRS went on to the shipper in Hazelton, PA and is safely parked on customer property for the night as preloaded trailer will not be starting to load until 22:00 EST.

Steve advised that he will start very early tomorrow morning. Anyone’s guess what that may be? Yes, across the pond viewers may get on the rare early morning ride.

Our broadcast day started at 8:30 EST where we stopped yesterday at the rest area in Bedford Township, PA. BRS had access to good coffee as Seven Eleven was on the property site. Steve started rolling after acquiring said coffee.

8:55 EST near Everett, PA BRS had current events story about a 16 year old girl’s birthday which was followed up with BRS parenting 101. (Yes, worth a listen on the stream replay). BRT Road Crew YT chat discussions on the subject crossed many observations.

Near Shade Gap, PA at 9:23 EST the Blue Comet passed by a million $$ commodity riding on a big rig. Yes, a load of eggs. Shortly afterwards, we approached the Tuscarora Mountain Tunnel and all east bound traffic was pushed into the “granny lane” by several gates blocking the “hammer lane”. Yes construction on the west bound tunnel was putting all traffic through the east bound side. This was not a location to have any trouble as there was no room to stop with oncoming traffic coming thru the tunnel with no shoulders available either). At 9:37 EST, near Spring Run, PA another tunnel, the Kittatiny Tunnel. Shortly after that, the Blue Mountain Tunnel.  Apparently I-76 has several tunnels in PA which asks a question: Which interstate highway has the most tunnels? Please post your answer as a comment.

We arrived at the receiver 11:10 EST at Palmrya, PA. with 700 + plus BRT RC viewers as Steve counted down (3,2,1) the end of the broadcast as a train could be seen off to the left of the Blue Comet view.

Drop and  hook completed at 12:39 EST, we rolled out with an empty trailer towards the next shipper. At approximately 13:03 EST BRS said “you know what is coming up next?” Wait for it…wait for it… Yes, it was Love’s. There was a lot of congestion in the fuel island line up, due to a truck blocking all from approaching the island. Yes, while we waited we were greeted by our own “BRT Jill”. Also, BRS  serenaded us with a song. Blue Comet needed truck fuel and trailer refer fuel (its tank was empty). And yes, another trailer with an empty tank which we all know how that worked out last time. Yes, Steve primed the fuel and tried starting refer after fueling up the tank. Oh no, multiple warning codes and weak battery prevented start up. Status update: 48 gallons to Gold and 548 gallons to Platinum.

Luckily the company yard was next door. Steve acquired coffee and then we rolled over to get service help. BRS switched to British view and crew remained on board for the repair. Yes, shortly after BRS acquired the tech to get us going, the nearly new 2022 trailer refer fired up. Yay!  Steve was instructed to wait until the tech returned from a short meeting to verify and sign off that all was good. Steve worked on paperwork while answering some assorted BRT RC YT chat questions.   Steve also posted the photo of the day that had been taken on bridge over Susquehanna River near skyline of downtown Harrisburg, PA. (Yes, we had been stopped in traffic). Check it out on bigrigtravels.com web site under the photography tab, picture of the day, calendar view.

We started rolling again from the shop at 14:45 EST continuing on to the shipper in  Hazleton, PA.

Numbers: we did not discuss, so estimating,  we covered the 113 miles 181 km to delivery/drop and hook along with 69 miles 111 km to the shipper.  Clocks: we had 61:13 hours on the 70 hour when we started today.  

 Delivery is back west to Gas City, IN (once again) on 2/17/2023 at 5:00 CST. Tomorrow will be a full day working on getting closer to our Gold status for March. If you missed the BRT (The 126ers -On My Way Home ) closing theme today check out BRT Discord general-lounge (posted for all to listen). Yes, another good day today as sun was again shinning on Big Rig Travels as we traveled in Pennsylvania.

Welcome to Eastern Pennsylvania!

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Daily Summary for 2/11/2023

BRS, as he arrived at the company shop at 10:37 EST, concluded our travels for the day and the weekend. Steve was going to use an idea that I had had at another stop at a Chicago receiver some time ago to offer a BRT medallion in exchange for faster service. You will soon read how that worked out.

Big Rig Steve at 09:35 EST departed Marengo, OH where the temperature was 19 F degrees. The trip is so we could get new batteries for the Blue Comet. Steve advised that he was testing a new camera for the trip to the shop in Columbus, OH. The BRT RC were also going to be guinea pigs as BRS experimented with the stream.

The first stop was at the Pilot for coffee in Marengo.

BRS advised that Columbus was the worst shop for wait times, so we had been forewarned of what was to become. Steve advised that Columbus was hosting an event happening today, a POLAR PLUNGE! Steve thought about attending in order to document and participate in the event. (Polar plunges consists of cutting a large hole in the ice of a frozen body of water and then having daring participates jump into the frigid water for fun). Steve then said, “you’ve got to be kidding me! No Way!”

Steve reminded us to not forget about the BRS store special which runs through this weekend only. Purchase a BRT official medallion and get a free membership card.

Discussion about the new case which was on the camera phone, Steve discussed adding a wireless microphone, as he could not use the current microphone with this case. Yes, to learn more about that, reach out to Jim/Janet Martin or watch the stream replay at 9:57 EST as that’s enough said about that.

At 10:03 EST, on I-71 N, BRS spotted a coyote just after going under an overpass, standing on the grass in the ditch. Shortly afterwards on the right, we passed the Waffle House in Sunbury, OH.

As we rolled onto I-270, discussion of broadcasting in different outputs to test sound. BRT RC cooperation with the testing was appreciated by BRS.

Steve advised to go to the website bigrigtravels.com to the photography tab and check out the picture of the day as again Marengo provided a great image for the night.

He did find out that the Columbus shop “works a half day on Saturdays, and are closed on Sundays. The shop will handle the battery issues on Monday. (BRS) is using 2 free hotel nights, so he will be relaxing and just hanging out – stress free! Next update will be on Monday. Enjoy your weekend!”

Welcome to Columbus, OH! Please check the website status bar starting Monday as we wait for our next trip. Have a good weekend crew.

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Daily Summary for 2/14/2023

Big Rig Steve officially done for the day at 18:09 EST, safely parked for the night after Steve herded the Blue Comet going uphill backwards and sideways into one of only three remaining free parking spots at the rest stop in Beford Township, Pennsylvania. Yes, BRT RC member Dave Benner was first to post “Stop the Clock” on BRT YT chat.

BRS started the broadcast day 10:18 EST in Columbus, Ohio after a fresh 70 hour clock after a reset from the weekend that Steve thoroughly used to complete several product reviews while enjoying his stay at the Holiday Inn. Steve gave road crew a review during today’s broadcast  of the IHG property . Many of the BRT RC were jealous of the breakfast meal. Yes, plenty of Bacon! Be sure to check out all the reviews and please comment on each, on the bigrigtravels.com web site. Find them under the Read the Blogs, then BRS reviews. 

First stop was the Pilot for coffee. A short trip up I-270 we arrived at the trailer wash out by Professional Truck Wash. New option as Steve had never been to this wash. Yes BRT RC question and BRS answer chat began while the professionals worked inside the trailer. Steve was happy that yesterday the Blue Comet truck batteries were changed out under warranty and also the batteries in the truck mass/weigh EZ pass bypass receiver were replaced. Yes it had been some time since we had had a green from the EZ pass unit. Also received the truck IFTA stickers for 2023. Whoo Hoo! Progress made during this shop maintenance stop.

Arrived at the shipper early and BRS flipped the camera to the British view again so we could continue along while the check in occurred. More BRT RC YT chat questions were answered while BRS waited. Yes, they started the loading process early and at 12:37 EST he was fully loaded and rolling again towards delivery. 

Next stop was the Love’s for truck fuel, Cat Scale to check our mass (weight). We chose the right Cat Scale as this Love’s had two of them side by side. (Wampus Kat has double the business here).  Yes we were legal beagles.  Steve updated Love’s status 156 gallons to Gold and 656 gallons to Diamond. We need to cover some miles. As we left to do just that, BRS advised even though he was not driving yesterday while truck was in the shop. His company compensated him well.

Rest area at Belmont Ohio at 15:12 EST was the next stop. BRS needed to check something. Yes an emergency email that he had been waiting for had arrived for review, then Steve defended himself after a viewer tuned in to find us stopped. Yes, entertaining as always whenever someone gets Steve going by accusing him of always being stopped when they tune in. Steve advised that we’re always stopped and not sure how we had completed all the mileage that we covered the past year. (I sometimes think that a road crew member must be purposely trying to push Steve’s hot button as they enjoy viewing BRS reaction). Steve is the star of the show, no question about that. Complaint vs. BRS no contest. BRS corrects the wrong assumption. Enough said.

Welcome to West Virginia (home state of our own BRT RC weirdo in the ditch and Flying WV) occurred at 15:35 EST. The Blue Comet started the hard climb up out of the Ohio river valley. Yes, we went quickly through the narrowest part of WV and soon we were welcome to Pennsylvania at 15:50 EST just after a BRS “We got Spirit how about you” chant. Steve advised that the State of  Pennsylvania requires Spotted Lantern permit. $1,500 fine to driver if you do not have the permit. Ouch.

16:50 passed thru a toll station in New Stanton PA

17:39 BRS commented on the bright lights as we rolled into and through the Allegheny Mountain Tunnel near Berlin PA. Shorty after exiting the tunnel (and it was a long tunnel) Steve pointed out, on the right side of I-70, a trailer that was broken into two halves. (Thank you Essemm for posting the intel on BRT discord for the summary post)

Numbers: 113 miles 181 km to drop at delivery as soon as we get there. 297 miles 477 km covered today including the early live load and rolling through Ohio, West Virginia into Pennsylvania.  Clocks 5:12 on the 11 hour, 5:29 on the 14 hour, 61:33 on the 70 hour. Eight day running total 1,325 miles 2,132 km. Do not gain back any hours as we had just completed second 70 hour clock reset since start of the February season. No alarm clock tomorrow morning. Watch snowman camera on the bigrigtravels.com website 24/7 to view of the row of big rigs in front of the Blue Comet and flow of traffic on I-70 to the right overnight.

We do have our next trip pre load appointment  tomorrow evening 22:00 EST which we will plan to arrive early for pick up.

It was wonderful to hear the BRT closing theme again at the end of the broadcast day. It was another good day. Glad to be back on the road.

Welcome to Pennsylvania.

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Daily Summary for 2/10/2023

Big Rig Steve was done broadcasting for the day at 16:55 EST as he let us go while arriving at the receiver at Marengo Ohio to complete the trailer drop.  Today’s episode title is Frustration Friday

No, Steve did not go back home to wait for a new week to start. Nope, BRS rolled with the punches again today. Yes, the sun was shining on Big Rig Steve today, so all was not so bad unlike the gloomy weather of yesterday’s travel.

Yes, today was a normal BRT Freaky Friday, which quickly turned into Frustration Friday.  Steve started the stream at 9:39 CST after going back to the shipper to get the previous day’s preloaded trailer. Yes, the refer issues were still not repaired. BRS was instructed to go get the trailer and bring it to the Gary yard for repair. 

Steve advised that the new BRT 16 year logo was created by BRT RC member viewer Jeff as he had emailed his creation to Steve last evening. Thank you Jeff, it looks great.

BRS also noted that many viewers had taken Steve up on the free membership card with every BRT Medallion purchase deal in the website store.

We then rolled on I-80 east into and through the mass (weigh) station in Mokena, IL with no issues. After exiting the mass station BRS observed a trailer with “no back door and no roof”.

As we rolled toward Gary at 10:20 CST a phone call changed everything. We were now instructed to skip the refer repairs and take the load to the receiver as they were needing the load asap, in whatever condition it was in, due to the refer not running.  

At 10:49 CST BRS discussed about lost fuel bonus due to the issues of the truck batteries needing replacement and the frustration was flowing. Yes, we had an insider view of what goes on normally behind the scenes of BRT (or normally muted audio). 

Plymouth, Indiana at 12:44 CST was our familiar stop again at the Loves for fuel, coffee in hand and refill of BRS thermos with much needed vitamin water. Shortly after rolling again BRS told story about dinner last evening when the .99 cent bag of frozen vegetable was steamed in the microwave and then opened to discover even though they did not expire until January of 2024 (wait for it, another disappointment) they were discolored and did not look good at all. No way Steve said “well no were not eating this! kind of bummed me out”

After leaving Plymouth, Steve discussed possible next plans including going to Columbus for replacement of the truck batteries. Apparently, the discussion of earlier in the day did get the head bosses attention and we are now not able to accept any other trips as we are locked out until the issue is resolved. The trailer is also written up for the needed repairs and will most likely need to get repaired. Steve was disappointed with the start of our 16th year and advised viewers to hang in, that we will get back to normal soon.  BRS advised that you don’t cover nearly 2 million miles without having some of the days totally muckied up.

At 13:15 we had 217 miles 349 km to the receiver to go …Steve said can we just make it to the weekend without any more troubles.

BRS advised at 13:26 that with all going on in the early part of the day that he had not been able to update the 70 hour clock on BRT website, so we went through the clocks at that point (even though Steve said they really do not make any difference as the week as been a mess) we had 7:40 on the 11 hour,  9:33 on the 14 hour, 46:45 on the 70 hour. 4:49 until 8 hour 30 minute break (Steve had  another three plus hours after these were discussed). We covered the advertised 332 miles 531 km today out of Illinois across Indiana and back into Ohio. 

Steve’s Motto applies for today’s trip. “Any day that we do not have to fill out accident paperwork is a good day!” Delivery was completed.

Watch the website for updates on the status bar for tomorrow adventures. Welcome all back to Ohio!

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