The beginning was started back in February of 2008 as a simple way to be able to share my photos and travels with my family and friends. I quickly realized that there were thousands of people that also took interest in my travels across the country, so I started to broadcast our driving by running a LIVE webcam. Since those early days, technology has allowed me to expand and provide in depth information about our life out on the open roads of America.

How the website works

The website displays the current trip and has tons of supplemental dynamic information fed to the website that automatically updates as needed without any intervention by the driver. The number one priority is safe driving and the website runs hands off. The cameras sit on the windshield well below the dashboard and below the line of sight – therefore does not distract the driver at any time. All dynamic information such as the speedometer, GPS, mapping, road signs, altimeter, local weather, etc is automatically uploaded from the camera to the servers and then translated via custom scripting for display on the website. In addition, the driver DOES NOT view or chat with any YouTube chatrooms during the drive but may chat during breaks, waiting in line for fuel, etc when the vehicle is not moving. During the drive he can point out interesting items and stories along the way but that is just talking to the viewers in a general sense, not a direct response to any chatters.

Family Friendly

This website takes pride in being one of the few family friendly kid safe websites on the internet today. In all we do, from the YouTube chatroom, to the various comments throughout the website, we believe all who visit the website should not be subjected to foul language or be in fear of watching our broadcasts and getting in the middle of an argument. While everything is important in it’s own context and proper place, at BigRigTravels we focus on the enjoyment of travel and trucking across America. We are proud to be listed on the National Public School Listing of Approved websites to be used in classrooms.