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Daily Summary for 4/23/2023

Big Rig Steve officially done for the day at 14:56 Casey M predicted along with serval other RC as the stopping point for today Gary, Indiana. It’s Sunday, so parking becomes a problem as day goes on. Delivery is tomorrow morning 7:00 CDT, will broadcast the trip and Steve advised possibly also during live unloading.  

Title: Rolling towards Delivery

Big Rig Travels broadcast day began 9:37 EDT at the westbound travel plaza near Broadview Heights, OH. As BRS rolled back onto the big road I-80 westbound, Steve advised that he was very very disappointed with this travel plaza stop. The story on what the issues were play back the start of the stream. “I’m not paying $18.00 for cup of coffee”.

BRS as usual is in control and today is no exception. We thought coffee stop would be the first priority as we are not in a rush today. Yes, it’s not a race as BRS always tells us. 

Apparently coffee would be secondary today, as Blue Comet just kept on heading westbound on I-80 without stopping. 

Finally 11:15 EDT near Perrysburgs, OH, we exit off I-80 on to I-280 then exit to the Loves ❤️ for coffee. Back on I-280 to I-80 Ohio turnpike as Steve reminisces about past road crew and moderators that have come and gone. “Enjoy who you have around you when and while you can. Got to enjoy the day you have now”. As we rolled, the good old knocks started from outside passenger side window. Steve advised “I was going to re tape that antenna”. 

12:00 EDT rain, with some sleet occurring near Delta, OH and more of the same along with hail near Holiday City, OH at 12:32 EDT.

12:43 EDT near Edon, OH we exited off and found our way on to US 20 and backroads as we entered into Indiana just as we rolled underneath the big road rolling over top off US 20.

13:07 Fuel ⛽️ stop at Loves ❤️ topping all tanks off near Angola, IN  and coffee refill we are officially 345 gallons away from Loves platinum status.

14:45 Steve reviews sites and locations that he has been able to see as a result of traveling the USA . 

Numbers: 23 miles 37 km to delivery tomorrow morning in Chicago Illinois. Covered 329 miles 529 km today rolling out of Ohio and across Indiana. Clocks: 5:18 hours on 11 hr, 6:54 hours on the 14 hr, 18:15 hours on the 70 hr. Eight day running total 1,863 miles 3,008 km. 

Do not gain back any hours until Tuesday morning. 

Another good day for Big Rig Travels. 

Welcome back to Indiana.