Cheyenne Triangle?

Well heck, looks like we ran into a big Wolfpack of buffer monsters! They completely took us offline! Not sure why, but the last few runs through Cheyenne we have had a very difficult time with the towers. Perhaps a Cheyenne Triangle similar to the Bermuda Triangle? We had planned on shutting down in Cheyenne anyway tonight. Since we didn’t get to go over the numbers tonight, here they are…

456 miles to delivery which will be a drop and hook once we get there. 10 hours left on our 70 hour clock and we do not gain any hours on Sunday. On Monday though, we will gain 10 more hours. We must get to our delivery within the remaining 10 hours tomorrow! Climb on the truck tomorrow to see how it plays out!

What are we going to do?

Now what? So we made the delivery this morning in Elgin. It was scheduled as a live unload but the customer let us drop it and take out an empty trailer. We then ran to the Belvidere area to pick up a preloaded trailer that was supposed to be ready last night. We arrived and found out they didn’t bother to preload it. Since the appointment time for preload was yesterday, we are considered late and it would automatically turn into a live load with work in status. As of this morning, the backlog for work ins was 12+ hours. So, after 7 hours of waiting we threw a fit and started making calls to the planners and dispatchers. We got a new load now. Read on…

The replacement trip was at a different shipper and was scheduled for 6pm tonight as a preload. We were given the trip information at 615pm. I called the new shipper and asked the status of the load. I was informed it will not be preloaded because they do not have the manpower. Since I am late, (15 minutes) that we would be worked in except they too are a day or so behind schedule. Read on further…

So, as it stands, the planners are talking to customers and trying to solve this mess and figure something out. Stay tuned for details. If I knew all this mess was going to happen, I wouldn’t have started my day at 330am!!


Howdy! We have our trailer ready to go but I have decided to just wait and depart tomorrow morning since the delivery is tomorrow night. For some reason I’m just worn out and want to relax a bit instead of fighting traffic lol. Besides, no rush since we sit here now or drive and sit somewhere else later…

Vacation Over and Sunday Song

Good Saturday evening! We are in the last few hours of our time off. There just isn’t enough time to do everything that needs to be done. I know a few of ya’ll think I just sit around and do nothing, but instead Im doing way more work on my time off than actually driving! This time around, I helped a buddy do some major storm clean up including bringing down a massive 120 year old tree that was literally destroyed in the last storm.

In trybng to update the August trip journal, some maps are not being drawn correctly because of the fires that are blocking Interstate 70 in Colorado. Take a look at this photo….look familiar? It is the Kum N Go truckstop in Debeque, Colorado on Interstate 70 which is where we usually take our 30 minute break when driving through that area.

We will get rolling on the posted trip some time Sunday morning. We also have our next trip lined up but I already see major problems with it so we will just see what happens once we get done with the first trip. I will continue to work on the August Trip Journal, but no promises since I am still trying to finish some important things around here before we hit the road again…. BTW, we did get the A and B services completed as well as then California BIT Inspection, so we should be good for another 90 days!

Sunday Song

On time and beyond

Good Sunday morning! We camped out in Clear Lake, Iowa yesterday and now we are headed to our delivery down the street. Hopefully it won’t take too long to unload us since the trailer for our next trip was preloaded and ready at 1am this morning!

Ya not gonna be happy…

Ok so we attempted to depart at 430am this morning but no juice to start the truck. Even though we had the truck in Optimode, which automatically starts the truck when the batteries get low, it failed this time, and the other 5 times. Since June 4th, we have had 6 jump starts. I have filed complaints and work orders but the shops tell me everything tests normal. Well, now things really hit the fan and we will be going to the shop in Kansas City and they will actually listen this time, hopefully. At any rate, to the shop we go… We are also due both the A and B services so I’m sure that will get addressed as well.

I did get the trip journal caught up for July and also uploaded several hard recordings from our Colorado trips on YouTube

Try as we may…

Howdy! Boy, the hours tick away and the appointments just get more complicated when customers take way longer to load or unload. We have decided to go ahead and shutdown for the night and head out early in the morning. We just don’t have the hours in the 14hr clock to get anywhere and certainly not enough to make 4am, so now the delivery must be rescheduled. Customers sure just mess everything up for us! Oh well. Relax for the night and we will roll out early before the cows crow! Cows do crow, don’t they???

Mad Rush?

Good Monday morning Road Crew! We arrived at our delivery this morning at 0415am. Let’s review shall we? We loaded on Friday afternoon and was told to rush to get to the delivery by the time they open at 5am on Monday (today). We brand full days to arrive and what happens when we checked in to the delivery?….. We are not even on the schedule for today. Or tomorrow or at all! No chance of being unloaded without an appointment even though there are 9 dock doors here and no other trucks are around. The clerk also mentioned that numerous trucks with deliveries in the past week have been turned away due to no delivery appointment set in their system!

So much for the weekend rush, so much for getting up at 330am this morning!! My bosses have been notified, nothing we can do until they figure this out and of course they are all on Pacific time! As soon as a new plan is hatched, I’ll let ya know.