10 thoughts on “Sunday Song 8.30.20

  1. I’ve heard them sing “He Paid The Price”
    and “Jesus Bore It All”
    I’ve heard them sing “I’m Coming Home”
    and “Hear The Master’s Call”
    I’ve heard them sing the modern songs
    and songs of long ago
    But “Amazing Grace, How Sweet The Sound”
    is the sweetest song I know

    Amazing grace (Amazing grace, how sweet the sound)
    How sweet the sound (Oh how sweet is the sound)
    No sweeter song (sweeter song, sweeter song)
    Could e’er be found (In this life could be found)
    I’ve heard of a fountain (Heard of the dear Savior’s blood)
    Filled with blood (That washed us white, white as snow)
    But “Amazing Grace” (“Amazing Grace, How Sweet The Sound”)
    Is the sweetest song I know

    It was the song my momma sang
    in sweet and humble voice
    Like music from the world above,
    it made my soul rejoice
    Its soothing words and melody
    like rippling waters flow
    Oh, “Amazing Grace, How Sweet The Sound”
    is the sweetest song I know

    1. The hours don’t show up until midnight but by then we will be way past our 14 hour clock. Plus we don’t have a trip

  2. Thank you for another wonderful video, so enjoy them, and no I’m not gonna ask you about having another trip, I watch the status bar. Hope you had a good night’s sleep. Take care and God bless, see you on your next run..

  3. Yay you’re going to American Falls….I worked at your pickup point for 30 years…been retired 18 years

  4. What a wonderful song beautifully presented. Brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for posting it, Steve. We have a wonderful Savior to bless us with His Amazing Grace!

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