What are we going to do?

Now what? So we made the delivery this morning in Elgin. It was scheduled as a live unload but the customer let us drop it and take out an empty trailer. We then ran to the Belvidere area to pick up a preloaded trailer that was supposed to be ready last night. We arrived and found out they didn’t bother to preload it. Since the appointment time for preload was yesterday, we are considered late and it would automatically turn into a live load with work in status. As of this morning, the backlog for work ins was 12+ hours. So, after 7 hours of waiting we threw a fit and started making calls to the planners and dispatchers. We got a new load now. Read on…

The replacement trip was at a different shipper and was scheduled for 6pm tonight as a preload. We were given the trip information at 615pm. I called the new shipper and asked the status of the load. I was informed it will not be preloaded because they do not have the manpower. Since I am late, (15 minutes) that we would be worked in except they too are a day or so behind schedule. Read on further…

So, as it stands, the planners are talking to customers and trying to solve this mess and figure something out. Stay tuned for details. If I knew all this mess was going to happen, I wouldn’t have started my day at 330am!!

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  1. Since you are in Belvidere, do you get to go spend a night at the house? This really is terrible that things are going the way they are.

    1. Sadly, no. I have to put the truck in the door when they call they are ready. If not locked in within 5 minutes, they call the next driver

      1. Really? According to the dictionary and the Thesaurus, with the “ed” it’s not a “bad” word. Without the “ed” it’s questionable. And is it your confounded business to comment. See what I did there? Dag nab it.

        1. “Damned” is a bad word because it mocks God’s final justice on certain folks. I suppose your dictionary friends would say that the F word is bad, but the F-ed word is questionable, too. If they don’t say it yet, just wait for the next few editions. The “dagnabbit” word isn’t so good, either, if you care to check out it’s etymology. From a quick search: “The Long Linguistic Journey to ‘Dagnabbit’ This piece of pseudo-profanity is what’s known as a taboo deformation—a word we say when we don’t want to say the word”.

        2. My grandmother always said only the uneducated use profanity. (They can’t find enough words.)
          And I can comment on anything I want to, just like you can.
          Way back when, this whole trip televised was originally started for me to see the sites my son, Steve saw.
          Not so now, he enjoys his roadcrew. If I quit watching, he wouldn’t at this point stop recording.

          1. I did not know you are Steve’s mom. Sorry, I’m mortified. I’ll put in an extra hour at the Thrift Shop tomorrow.

  2. Go home, get a great night’s sleep in your own bed. Then when you wake up in the morning, get a giant cup of coffee and figure out where to go from there. Hope you get a great sleep, you deserve it.

  3. By now, I would have headed to Waffle House for a big stack of cakes and bacon, then home to bed. Let the planners catch up tomorrow.

    1. Except the nearest Waffle House to Steve is either in the St. Louis or Indianapolis area. I know this because I checked their website.

  4. Gotta love the “hurry up and wait” stuff. I hope you cooked yourself a yummy dinner and get some well deserved sleep.

  5. Are the ones scheduling these companies delivery/pickups, that have been screwing you over lately. The same ones who came up with the 70 hr clock? They sound like Gov. people to me. Clueless!

    1. Not true Jeff. What is happening is that they might not have the manpower to do the work. You see this with pre-loaded trailers sometimes. Something happens that causes a backup and the entire schedule gets thrown out of whack. It happened to Steve before. One time he arrived at the shipper expecting a trailer to be pre-loaded yet they never picked out an empty trailer for the loading when he arrived. Just mark it as “beep” happens and Steve just has to work around these delays.

        1. Looks like you are going to Utah after all. Hopefully some of us on the Road Crew can get good pictures of the Platte River Archway.

      1. Hey Steve. Oops I mean Jessy S. When people come on here. And ask Steve a question, or have a comment. Why don’t you let him, answer the question, or comment! Steve is a big boy. And can answer how he feels, or not. He’s not a child. If he doesn’t want to answer me. I won’t get upset. I was being more sarcastic, than anything.

        1. I thought your question was a rhetorical one, my bad. No, the customer makes their own appointments based on dock doors and times with the hundreds of other trucks. They have nothing to do with the FMCSA which make the regulations trucks follow for hours of service

      2. You are right Jessy. Especially this in this time. Dunkirk, Chautauqua County, NY. Of 650 Employees of Fieldbrook Foods 49 employees tested positive for Covid-19. So about ten percent of their employees have been sent home. A shortage of staff not surprising. Especially in the food processing industry for some reason. There is so much of this virus that remains unknown. What is known, is to expect staffing problems especially now.

  6. Seems to me these customers need to gets their acts together! It’s getting to the point now where people don’t want to work. Or if they do, they do a poor-quality job and take no pride in their work.

  7. Maybe God was watching out for you today so that you did not have to drive thru the dregs of hurricane Laura as it moved toward the east coast.

  8. So, you wanna be truck drivers. Do you still want to be a truck driver knowing this can happen? LOL

    1. Hey now all–it just dawned upon me the reason all this is messing things up for Steve and BRT!! Devil is at fault !!! Well its a viable theory !!! Till next Mash-IT Love to all crew and peace!!

  9. And a very good, easy going, reliable, dependable, kind of drive that your company should be very glad you work for them. Keep on trucking and MASH IT!!!

  10. Coming back to my home state again. Welcome. You’re always welcome in Utah. Too bad you’ll be too far North.

  11. MASH IT , Steve. We’ll all be strapped in with out helmets on and Cheetos in our laps. Now it’s time to “burn rubber” and make money.

  12. Hey Steve sorry you are having so many problems with shippers, deliveries and especially looking for a truck to find trailer keys and paperwork. Geez you have been given the royal run around the last couple months.

    I would have bob tailed home while they were loading the trailer, had dinner and got a nap and waited for them to call and say the load is ready. Hang in there and we will all look forward to being with you on the open road soon.

    If you are ever in the Mesa, AZ area I would enjoy the opportunity to meet you. If you need any groceries for your truck I work at Fry’s grocery store and can get you a discount. Take it easy out there!!

  13. Safe travels to Utah.. And yes, we dodged a big Laura bullet here in Houston area. So that had me thinking: Has your company ever done emergency related deliveries to hurricane disaster areas?

        1. Reefer can transport anything without the refrigeration until being on. I think Steve has said on multiple occasions that his reefer trailer can transport basically anything a flatbed or regular box truck can. In fact, some of his loads are on the trip journal.

      1. Have you ever personally done one of those yourself like transport any generators or various emergency supplies?

        1. Mostly it’s emergency food, even now alot of the bills paperwork states “emergency covid19 supplies” After one of the hurricanes years ago we hauled box fans that were handed out free to residents.

          1. Food is just as important as generators. Do you remember the group of truckers who came out of New York City with containers full of generators they trucked down to Florida non stop? I forget the name of the guy who organized it, he sadly passed away a couple years back and they had a rolling convoy funeral for him which really brought me to tears at the giving back for someone who gave so much to other communities.

  14. An act of God saved you from a load right into the heart of that huge storm. You are so fortunate. (One way to look at it.)

  15. To Utah again? Nice. For selfish reasons I’m happy as the scenery in the western US is awesome. Many thanks again Steve, for ride along with you and travel the US from my home office in the Netherlands.

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