Vacation Over and Sunday Song

Good Saturday evening! We are in the last few hours of our time off. There just isn’t enough time to do everything that needs to be done. I know a few of ya’ll think I just sit around and do nothing, but instead Im doing way more work on my time off than actually driving! This time around, I helped a buddy do some major storm clean up including bringing down a massive 120 year old tree that was literally destroyed in the last storm.

In trybng to update the August trip journal, some maps are not being drawn correctly because of the fires that are blocking Interstate 70 in Colorado. Take a look at this photo….look familiar? It is the Kum N Go truckstop in Debeque, Colorado on Interstate 70 which is where we usually take our 30 minute break when driving through that area.

We will get rolling on the posted trip some time Sunday morning. We also have our next trip lined up but I already see major problems with it so we will just see what happens once we get done with the first trip. I will continue to work on the August Trip Journal, but no promises since I am still trying to finish some important things around here before we hit the road again…. BTW, we did get the A and B services completed as well as then California BIT Inspection, so we should be good for another 90 days!

Sunday Song

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  1. That’s a good work you did with the tree, not that I’m surprised: it’s the usual thing for you. 🙂 Also, if you want a change from taking your 30 minute break in Debeque, CO, the I-70 rest area in nearby Rifle, CO has truck parking and a 0.75 mile nature trail around a pond. I’m sure you’ve stopped there before; it is a nice spot even with the highway noise nearby.

    Looking forward to mashing it back to my birth-town of Cincinnati tomorrow. Safe travels and Lord bless.

  2. To Heaven’s shore, I journey onward
    Across the rolling river
    To Heaven’s shore, I journey onward
    Away, I’m bound away
    Cross the Jordan river
    For Heaven’s shore, I fix my compass
    Through the toil and tempest raging
    For Heaven’s shore, I fix my compass
    Away, I’m bound away
    Cross the Jordan river
    On Heaven’s shore, I’ll see my Savior
    Falling on my knees before Him
    On Heaven’s shore, I’ll see my Savior
    And I’ll raise my hands and sing
    Glory Hallelujah, Glory Hallelujah
    There on Heaven’s shore

  3. Steve, if you are having trouble with making maps for the Trip Journal, maybe use Open Street Map for a failsafe. Also, don’t forget to upload more pictures to the photography website.

    Also, I second the rest stop in Rifle, Colorado for a half-hour break. You can even do a quick Segway ride depending on the time of day.

    1. yes, I know, I have a backlog of 50,000 photos and about 600 360 degree interactive panoramas that I need to get online. Problem is WHEN do I have time? lol I’m one person.

        1. Lol, your previous comment was that you let Steve enjoy his time off, but one comment later you say he should work on the website on his days off lol lol

          1. Ironically, that is the only time you can really work on the photography site is during breaks. But I seriously don’t care what you do during time-off because that is your personal time.

  4. hi Steve was there any house damage from that stronge t-storm event you guys had last week I think it was ?

    1. i thought I already answered this like 5 times (between comments, facebook, emails, etc)? lol. No, the house in belvidere didn’t get damage, but a buddies house elsewhere did get major tree and fence damage and helping clean up the mess is what I did on my time off this time.

      1. sorry Steve I did not see the Facebook page group with the answered I find your blog easier too read the commits has with the commits on Facebook its hard to tell when the new commits are made and oh is asking what and some time you don’t event see them here I can easy see your commits and the replays so sorry for the repeat of the answered

        buy the way did they find any other issues with the truck ?

  5. I know darn good & well you’re extremely busy on time off. I just wish & much appreciate it if you might take a couple of minutes & estimate when you might be leaving back out. I mean we are your fans. We look forward to jumping in & riding.

    1. Status bar does say midmorning… ok, ok, since you need an exact time, let’s make it 1238pm central time zone

    2. Steve spent 6 weeks in his truck on his most recent trips before time off.

      For a regular Monday to Friday 9-5 job, that would mean 12 weekend days off in those 6 weeks.

      Steve normally only gets 4 or 5 days off at a time regardless of how long he is on the road, so he does not need to be hounded on when exactly he is coming back to the truck….It varies depending on when the load is ready…etc…plus he has to take time to reload his supplies into the truck…food, clothing, etc to last for another several weeks on the road.

      1. Thank you so much Dave W, very well said. As much as we all love Steve and everything he does for us, we also need to be mindful of the fact that he does have a life outside of BRT. Time away from the truck is exactly that; time away from everything truck related and website related. He only has 4-5 days each month to catch up on personal time that we take for granted every day. So patience road crew, let’s give Steve the time and space he is so deserving of and as always, he updates us via the website when needed. 🤗

        1. My personal policy during Steve’s time off is to just ignore him and let him be. This is his personal time and I don’t need to bother him.

  6. Thanks for the beautiful Heaven’s shore video. Beautiful lyrics and outdoors…peaceful. Sorry you did not get the much needed rest. You are a loyal friend to your buddy…bless you back for all you give to the around you! Safe travels back out on the truck today & this next round of road trips Steve!

  7. Thank you for the beautiful video. So glad to hear everything is ok with the house, but it seems you didnt get much rest by the sounds of it, always putting yourself out there to help others. You are a very caring person. I take it you didnt get much work done on your garden. Will be glad to have you back, sure do miss you when your not on the road, but you certainly needed a break. See you later this morning, take care, God bless and Mash it!!

  8. Really glad to see you’re heading back onto the roads today. May there be no headwinds for you. You’re the best. You’ll be on the road when my pension cheque bounces in. I’ll send a contribution for you. Part of it is for coffee, I request that it be French Vanilla. That’ll starch the eyebrows wide open.

  9. I get my Steve fix! Yeah! Love ya Steve. If you’re heading for the West Coast. 500+ fires in California alone. More in OR and WA. Be safe and stay out of Chicago.

  10. Steve, that is a great video. I love the sound of a ladies trio. They did a wonderful job on the song. Many thank-you’s for posting it.

  11. It’s really awesome to look at all the rings in a tree stump to try to figure out the age of the tree. That was one of the first things they taught us back in summer camp, among other fun things!

    1. Oh how wonderful that you were at Camp Granada!!! You know the hit song by Allen herman!! You were probably the one song was all about !!! Hello Mudder==Hello Fadder kindly send some money and your friend Joe Spivey got poison ivy!! Okay just kidding and if not familiar with song look it up on You Tube to familiarize your self to song Back then comedy songs were very common !! correction–Camp Granada done by Allen Sherman 1963 Lets Mash-It!!

      1. LOL!! One of the best camp songs ever! The closest thing I went to for a Camp Granada was Forest Glen somewhere in deep East Texas. We had cabins and bunks to boot!

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