Cheyenne Triangle?

Well heck, looks like we ran into a big Wolfpack of buffer monsters! They completely took us offline! Not sure why, but the last few runs through Cheyenne we have had a very difficult time with the towers. Perhaps a Cheyenne Triangle similar to the Bermuda Triangle? We had planned on shutting down in Cheyenne anyway tonight. Since we didn’t get to go over the numbers tonight, here they are…

456 miles to delivery which will be a drop and hook once we get there. 10 hours left on our 70 hour clock and we do not gain any hours on Sunday. On Monday though, we will gain 10 more hours. We must get to our delivery within the remaining 10 hours tomorrow! Climb on the truck tomorrow to see how it plays out!

11 thoughts on “Cheyenne Triangle?

  1. If I were a betting man, I’d bet that you’ll make it in time. Have good night and drip free morning Steve.

  2. Thank you for giving us to watch your wonderful truck driving through middle of America. Get some rest and have a good evening Steve!

  3. 456 miles @ 65mph would take 7 hours, but I’ll say 8 to account for lower speed & fuel stop, then you have inspecting and drop & hook and getting back to a truck stop so its going to be tight! In a perfect world you could do it….

  4. I’ve got tears in my ears dear from lying on my back in bed crying over youuuu. (Just in case nobody on chat came up with it.)

    1. Just over 500 miles according to Google Maps. This doesn’t include the mileage used in while traveling within Sidney or North Platte.

    2. You evidently didn’t read Steve’s message in this blog where he filled us in on today’s numbers.

  5. So Steve’s trip of just a bit over 500 miles is comparable to 500 miles Bobby Bare had to travel to get to his home Steve so that would also make a hit recording for you one would think!!! Hey just kidding and express wish for Blessings Steve –Till Mash-IT have good evening and good rest!!!

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