Relay bad updated

Afternoon Road Crew! We have been broadcasting LIVE from the Flying J truckstop in Barstow, California all morning while we wait for our part to get here at 1pm. The relay is what was causing the truck to lose engine and electronic power basically shutting us down while we were traveling down the road at highway speeds! The load we had to deliver to Carson, California was picked up by another driver and he made the delivery for us.

Come join us on YouTube while we wait!


The tractor has been repaired and is ready for service and hauling the BigRigTravels Road Crew around! We are going to play Bobtail Bob and head down to the terminal to get an empty trailer.

Great Morning

Good morniing one and all. The website is slowly getting back together. I had no idea making the website secured was going to create so many problems! Oh well, I do have a great team that helps me get things back on track.

We will be leaving Richfield, Utah shortly and start looking for Interstate 15 then head southbound through St George, Las Vegas, and on into California. The post image was the view I woke up to this morning.


HOWDY! Yes, I  know the website is going through some growing pains currently but they are being addressed. With the ten year celebration , we have already accomplished some big upgrades and a new website look. We are now moving into the next phase of upgrades which will open up more features and services for you the BigRigTravels Road Crew! The changes taking place currently are upgrading some programming language and installing my Security Certificate. These changes will mean the entire BigRigTravels website will be secured and you will see a green lock in the address bar in the future . This will also allow me to move forward with the BigRigTravels Store so you can purchase the shirts, decals, and other merchandise anytime you desire. With the store, you will see how many of an item is available and if we are sold out, you can backorder the item and automatically be notified when it’s back in stock !

Another point to remember is BigRigTravels is a complex and comprehensive website that provides alot of LIVE dynamic information coming directly from a moving big rig as we drive across America . I am a firm believer that no other trucking website in the world offers everything we do – and all for free. Getting this information to my servers and then to your eyeballs in a reliable and organized format is quite the task and we use multiple third party applications as well as customized scripting. While I try my best to make everything work properly,  there are times that things happen beyond my control. Most things work out by themselves when it is a glitch with data from the third parties. Either way, remember my very top priority is my job, which is driving my truck and making my pickups and deliveries on-time. The website can be played with only after the main job is done.

I have alot of cool features I want to bring you, but it takes time and upgrading . We were a pretty simple website ten years ago, but now we have come a long way already!  Remember to enjoy the travels when things work properly and have patience when they don’t and be sure to spread the good word about BigRigTravels everywhere that you can. It is because of you the Road Crew, that BigRigTravels has become America’s Favorite YouTube Trucker!

Red Rooster Truckstop Review 3/17/18

A review of the Red Rooster Trucking Terminal in Olney, Illinois

Oklahoma on Sunday

Morning. Did you enjoy yesterday’s walk through tour of the Joplin 44 truckstop, Segwayride, and live chat? Lots of chrome and fancy big rig accessories to be found and of course always enjoy visiting the Lime Light truck display! We head towards delivery today just South of Oklahoma City.

Rain! Snow?

Morning! Hope your Saturday is off to a great start. We have quite the colorful radar picture here this morning. Should be a good ride through Illinois and Missouri today as we head towards Oklahoma.Grab your morning biscuit and coffee and claim your seat before the other guy gets it!!

time to drive

Howdy! Been a busy few days off, but nothing fun at all! Been taking care of more doctor stuff, tests, etc. You know, all the things that go along with turning into an old geezer! GRIN

We have our next trip lined up but since we are bobtail currently, the first thing will be hunting down an empty trailer, getting it washed, then heading to the shipper to be loaded. Once loaded, we will head towards Oklahoma.

I was in the grocery store the other day getting supplies for the next month out on the road and look what I came across……official Truckstop Coffee! I have not tasted any yet, but will definitely try some out in the next day or two.

I also added the Road Crew Sightings gallery under the Photos Menu section. Take a gander at some of the Road Crew that have taken the time to meet up with BigRigSteve!

Sunday Delivery

Good Sunday Morning! I have been making changes to the website such as adding the Snowman Preview window next to the LIVE video feed. I had it set up then the columns messed up so at the moment it shows underneath the live feed but it should show up to the right side of the video feed box….. At any rate, you can now get a visual of both cameras without scrolling. As a reminder, the snowman does auto refresh in most browsers, just not Google Chrome!

Another change is on the YouTube channel playlists. I had videos sorted by both States and by Interstates in addition to the other numerous playlists assortments. Many of you have noticed that we kept reaching our free YouTube Resources quota limits by the end of most nights. This is simply because we are using more than a million data calls to YouTube and doing so for free. One of the easiest ways to reduce our usage calls to YouTube was to eliminate some of our 150+ playlists! We still have videos sorted by the States, but you will have to also help yourselves out by using the YouTube search bar if you want further refinement of videos. For example, if you are searching for Alabama videos recorded on Interstate 65, 20, etc, you can simply type the info you are looking for in the search bar. This dramatically helps reduce our data consumption for YouTube by not having so many playlists! make sense? Clear as mud?

I am still making and adding changes to the website to better offer you more information and resources to BigRigTravels, it just will take time for me to get things accomplished. After we make our Sunday morning delivery, we will resume broadcasting the next trip which will be a deadhead to the Chicago area for a few more important days off.

Back to work! 

We are currently being bounced around and getting loaded with agricultural products!

I had a fantastic and awesome time on the Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco,  California!  The hotel was literally just a block off the waterfront with everything you can imagine within easy walking distance!  There was way too much to do and see and I actually walked about 20 miles in the four days exploring! I will put up videos and photos when I get the chance of course.  Right now though,  we have to get back into the work groove.  Boo!!