Bump up!

Morning!  Well we were on a nice easy schedule for our delivery.  Nope, not now though.  The planners decided to bump up delivery by more than 27 hours!  Now, we must scoot along and mash it! 

12 thoughts on “Bump up!

  1. Hello Steve I heard bits and pieces this morning when you asked where I’m from but that’s all I heard,it’s buffalo ny if you didn’t catch it. I caught the last vid to north platte when you’re parking,I love how you find the best possible spot for viewing,front row,your the best Steve thanks for the website and YouTube channel.

  2. Do they give you a set delivery date prior to loading, can you set your delivery date?

    Example, setting at a loading dock all day and its not done until the next night.

  3. Good morning Steve & RC, Enjoyed the videos of your walk about in SF. Looks like you had a good time. Thanks for taking your RC along. Also thanks to live camera carrier and narrator. He did a great job keeping up with you. lol
    I can’t wait to see the still pictures that you took, especially the ones of the flowers. I take pictures of my flowers but they never come out like yours. Maybe because I don’t have the good equipment you do.
    I see you have a new trip posted. So you will be off and running again. Hope you don’t have to deal with any of the bad weather that is going on in the east. Stay safe and thanks lots for all that you do for ‘YOUR’ road crew.

  4. I just saw a “Central” trailer go through the fuel island. Are they back in business again or did Swift only buy part of their operation? I’ve seen a few over the last couple of years, usually in Wisconsin or Michigan.

    1. If you referring to the green and white double tractor trailers that’s not Central. Those are Old Dominion Trucking out North Carolina

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