Sunday Delivery

Good Sunday Morning! I have been making changes to the website such as adding the Snowman Preview window next to the LIVE video feed. I had it set up then the columns messed up so at the moment it shows underneath the live feed but it should show up to the right side of the video feed box….. At any rate, you can now get a visual of both cameras without scrolling. As a reminder, the snowman does auto refresh in most browsers, just not Google Chrome!

Another change is on the YouTube channel playlists. I had videos sorted by both States and by Interstates in addition to the other numerous playlists assortments. Many of you have noticed that we kept reaching our free YouTube Resources quota limits by the end of most nights. This is simply because we are using more than a million data calls to YouTube and doing so for free. One of the easiest ways to reduce our usage calls to YouTube was to eliminate some of our 150+ playlists! We still have videos sorted by the States, but you will have to also help yourselves out by using the YouTube search bar if you want further refinement of videos. For example, if you are searching for Alabama videos recorded on Interstate 65, 20, etc, you can simply type the info you are looking for in the search bar. This dramatically helps reduce our data consumption for YouTube by not having so many playlists! make sense? Clear as mud?

I am still making and adding changes to the website to better offer you more information and resources to BigRigTravels, it just will take time for me to get things accomplished. After we make our Sunday morning delivery, we will resume broadcasting the next trip which will be a deadhead to the Chicago area for a few more important days off.

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