HOWDY! Yes, I  know the website is going through some growing pains currently but they are being addressed. With the ten year celebration , we have already accomplished some big upgrades and a new website look. We are now moving into the next phase of upgrades which will open up more features and services for you the BigRigTravels Road Crew! The changes taking place currently are upgrading some programming language and installing my Security Certificate. These changes will mean the entire BigRigTravels website will be secured and you will see a green lock in the address bar in the future . This will also allow me to move forward with the BigRigTravels Store so you can purchase the shirts, decals, and other merchandise anytime you desire. With the store, you will see how many of an item is available and if we are sold out, you can backorder the item and automatically be notified when it’s back in stock !

Another point to remember is BigRigTravels is a complex and comprehensive website that provides alot of LIVE dynamic information coming directly from a moving big rig as we drive across America . I am a firm believer that no other trucking website in the world offers everything we do – and all for free. Getting this information to my servers and then to your eyeballs in a reliable and organized format is quite the task and we use multiple third party applications as well as customized scripting. While I try my best to make everything work properly,  there are times that things happen beyond my control. Most things work out by themselves when it is a glitch with data from the third parties. Either way, remember my very top priority is my job, which is driving my truck and making my pickups and deliveries on-time. The website can be played with only after the main job is done.

I have alot of cool features I want to bring you, but it takes time and upgrading . We were a pretty simple website ten years ago, but now we have come a long way already!  Remember to enjoy the travels when things work properly and have patience when they don’t and be sure to spread the good word about BigRigTravels everywhere that you can. It is because of you the Road Crew, that BigRigTravels has become America’s Favorite YouTube Trucker!

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