Great Day at the Wharf!

I have been having a fantastic time here at Fisherman’s Wharf in San Fransisco! Great weather!

I have been doing two LIVE broadcasts as I walk around today so hope you enjoyed them. I am back at the hotel getting my batteries recharged – both personal and camera equipment!

Here are a few pics – so much to see not near enough time to do half of it!!



46 thoughts on “Great Day at the Wharf!

  1. You are evoking a lot of fond memories for SWMBO and me. We did our courting there among other places in the Bay area. I first went duck hunting at the upper end of the bay. I was stationed at Travis AFB 1958 – 1963. Thank you for the great videos and photos.

  2. steve, were next to buildings that were playing a radio or something because the two hour livestream got blocked by the copyright bots, so for all intents and purposes it has been obliviated. 😡 (the SOLE reason for a block is to save you an actual copyright strike, automatic with a deletion instead of a block.)

    1. Wow :mrgreen: I got to skim through it, it looks like it was unblocked ( that’s a first for me) just has a silent part now. I went and watched the seals for a few minutes, ill have to watch the rest after work, as long as it isn’t re-blocked **knocks wood**

      1. It was blocked due to multiple song copyrights, but I removed the sound tracks to those parts afterwards and the video is now unblocked:).

  3. Thank you Steve for inviting us on your day out. It was great to see you out and about and showing us the sights of San Francisco. Take care of yourself and looking forward to wherever you take us next. 🙂

  4. I went to Fisherman’s Wharf back in 2009. There’s some nice hiking over on Angel Island if you have a free half-day and can ride one of the commercial boats (from Pier 41, I think) over there. The boat ride takes you right past Alcatraz. Good views of the Bay Area bridges from Mt. Livermore if there is no fog.

  5. I lived there for 8 years 1978 to 1985 a beautiful city so much to see glad your having a good time if you get a chance and have time walk across the golden gate bridge best way in the world to enjoy it glad your feeling better.

  6. I hope you are going to recover from your bad congestion related problems Have some relaxing days off and get well!!! Looking forward to your next trip

  7. Hi Steve,looks like a very pretty city.I’ll have to come and visit it one day>Thank’s again for the great film.Keep up the good work as i know you will 🙂

  8. Steve I live right across the bay in Oakland. I would have liked to have driven across the bridge and say hello had I known you were there.
    Enjoy the great Bay Area weather.

  9. Thanks for the walkabout. Glad you got an all clear from the doctor and that you are feeling better. Now if you just get to sounding better that would be good too. Enjoy your time off and rest up.

  10. I so enjoyed SF, thank you for doing that! I hear you might do golden gate tomorrow? I hope we can go with you! I am so glad you are feeling better!
    you are marvelous!

  11. Glad you are enjoying yourself and have decent weather.

    But the BIG question: what did he the doctor have to say?

  12. It was really nice to be there… Candy store, sea lions, Steve’s dance, coffee with ice rocks, streetcars, bakery machines, Bubba Gump, conversations with people, figting for minions, beautiful views, lionels yacht:), …. and i liked the stairs in the quiet part of the city too. I hope you feel better now Steve;) Many thanks for this walkabout!

    1. haha. Im taking a few days off. I dont care how the truck is at this moment! Im enjoying time away from the truck:). I will deal with truck stuff when I get back to it:)

      1. Yeah Steve.. Enjoy the time off and if you can.. Go to the Anchor Brewing Company there in San Fran. They have some really excellent quality craft beers!

  13. for those who cannot see the video on the blog, go to Steve’s YT channel, it plays there just fine.
    TK wants to order one of those big floating trays of sea lions! No sauce added, I take it leik it iz

  14. Is this your first visit to SF? We’ve been there before many years ago.
    Can you imagine going down Lombard Street with those hairpin turns in the truck?! 😮
    Going to Alcatraz? That was worth the boat ride out!

    1. We lived in the area Spring of 1974 – Summer of 1976. So Steve was 10-12 yrs. old. We did the Alcatraz tour, the wharf, boat rides, you could still walk thru the big redwoods & drive car thru at least one of them. Steve got to go on the aircraft carrier his dad was assigned to, they would have parties for the kids on the hanger deck and we could visit him in the battery locker anytime we wanted. When we were in there, Steve always played with the typewriter. ha, we couldn’t afford one at home.

      1. Thanks Texas mom n dad 🙂 Awww memories… that sounds neat and I can picture Steve playing with the typewriter! I hear they are kinda make making a comeback as folks are actually seeking typewriters out for nostalgia sake. ( I don’t know where you’d grab the replacement ribbon tho?! ) No spellcheck either 😆
        We also drove thru the giant trees and enjoyed a visit to Sequoia National Park. Even saw a bear there 😮

  15. You should try and visit Angel Island, there are some historical sites including internment camps. Alcatraz island is another place to visit.

  16. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful vacation with us and thank you for carrying that camera with you all day. I have been following where you have been on Google Earth Streetside, and I feel like we are there with you (especially enjoyed the Ghiradelli Chocolate Shop and the ice cream). Thanks again from Ohio, and I’ve enjoyed every minute

  17. Bunny bread! How cool is that!
    Glad you didn’t have to go into the hospital. I just got out of the hospital after almost 2 weeks, and San Francisco looks like a whole lot more fun!

  18. There’s a real famous burger joint somewhere around Fisherman’s Wharf where mom got me a t-shirt when she was in San Francisco. It’s tagline was Home of The Most World Famous Burger. Not sure if you went by it or not or even if it is still in business.

  19. Hey Steve, looks like you are having fun in San Francisco. Enjoyed the video of the Golden Gate bridge and area. Never been to San Francisco so really appreciate the video and glad Aunt Jemima was able to go along!

  20. Up north of San Francisco, there is a tree which you could drive through, but its not large enough for a truck. 🙂 just not sure if its still there or not.

  21. I just saw snowman and what did I just see?

    The Golden Gate Bridge, fog included.

    Did you know that the bridge is the most photographed location in the world?

  22. just dropping a line to say thank you and your cameraman for sharing your vacation with me and the crew. Rest up and enjoy your time off Big Steve!

  23. I really enjoyed the videos and did not have any trouble watching them. San Francisco has always been a city I wanted to visit and now, thanks to you, I have done that. Lots of walking but beautiful scenery. Glad you are feeling better too. Take care.

  24. Hi Steve, I can’t thank you enough for including the Road Crew as part of your vacation in San Francisco. It was so much fun and also very educational. Your pictures are going to be great to add to your website. So glad you are feeling better, you know we all worry about you when you are sick. Looking forward to more great travels for 2018, please be safe and God Bless. Joanne

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