Texas Run!

Howdy everyone I hope this finds all safe and secure. This morning as I was about to head out the door for the dentist appointment, I was called and informed the doctor had an unexpected death in the family and he had to cancel all appointments. He did get us a prescription to get rid of any infection that may be present until he can see us next Wednesday.

We do have our next trip now posted and we will pick it up Thursday late afternoon and run like wild children down to Texas to deliver. Then they will get us an express trip back up to the Illinois area for our appointment. We did manage to get yet another 70 hours in because of our 34 hour restart:) We will see ya late tomorrow for the Texas Beeline Express!

21 thoughts on “Texas Run!

  1. I miss running like wild children,gonna bring back memories.hope those meds work.see Ya late Tomorrow Steve. Be safe.

  2. My home Texas! I love Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX and all of Texas. I’m looking forward to watching the drive. God bless, Steve.

  3. It must be contagious. Bit into a slice of pizza last night and YEEOWWW! Now I have to muster up the nerve to go to the dentist too. I’d much rather go to Texas, or anywhere else for that matter. Have a safe one, Steve!

  4. Oh Steve, sad news for the doctor, on the death of a family member and sad news that you had to reschedule your dental appointment. Hope the meds work and will keep any and all pain away. Bless you!

  5. So sorry to hear that your appointment was cancelled and sorry to hear the reason why. Looking forward to the stream and the ride down to Texas. Can”t wait. God bless

  6. Thanks for the update, Steve! My condolences to your doctor. I hope your tooth is not giving you too much trouble. Looking forward to the next trip.

  7. Hey Jay as my curiosity got the best of me i went and cooled this and discovered that—yes lets hope Steves dentist not like this example.. Jay got to congratulate you—very funny Good sense of humor here –noe Steve–Mash It!!

  8. It’s too bad you can’t somehow go to the Michaels family dentist. I see it would be another 260 miles tho but if you really needed to be seen? Just an idea 💡 Hope the meds help.

  9. Sorry I misread I thought YOU had a death in the family but after taking another look it appears the DOCTOR had the death in his family. My bad.

  10. I’m so sorry about your doctors family member passing away. And I hope you are going to be ok after you have your tooth taken care of. I have had to have a tooth pulled a few years ago. I feel your pain Steve. Take care.

  11. Hey Steve thats nothing that is to be upset about. With all the time spent all over the USA i can fully understand you have been all over and would be easy for anyone to make simple mistake Important for any business place to get employees to do their very best or hire replacer\ents.. GOOD service very very important foe business to survive…Okay now MASH_IT@! God Bless!!!

    1. PS–when a truck stop or any business place is by state line of 2 states there will be employees there from both states so both could have been dissed ha ha just kidding hey lets laugh and enjoy!!

  12. I’m not sure that someone who has an avatar/photo such as you have is in a position to get all uppity at Steve over making a comment about the state of Arkansas (or Missouri). Steve can express his displeasure of a state just as much as you can express your apparent displeasure of an ex-president by choosing to publicy display such a vulgar image.

    1. I didn’t notice that person’s avatar until you mentioned it. I am glad you said something because you are absolutely correct about it being vulgar and doesn’t fit in with this family friendly kid safe website. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. That comment was removed based on the avatar and not the comment

  13. hi steve some in tells me you might need too make a new dental appointment case too me it looks like your not going too be able too make it too this Wednesday. appointment has your still stuck in OK waiting for the next trip

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