It’s a zoo

Morning. Tuesday. Zoo Status. Crazy trucks all trying to park and maneuver around as everyone gets ready to load for the morning. We will get this trip to the delivery as soon as we can. The last few trips have been overnight deliveries and I absolutely dislike it when my schedule gets all twisted and gnarly. This delivery too is an overnight! Yes, I will update the trip journal when possible. Yes, I have been slacking.

14 thoughts on “It’s a zoo

  1. Slacking, is allowed Steve! The crazy hours you have in order to make on time deliveries, hard on body/mind. Stay Safe.

  2. Slacking can be a Nobel thing. Us Kats do it all the time. Burst of crazy energy about 4 AM, bounce off walls, break things, then slack till lunchtime, then naps 5 or 6 hours, then put on “proud to be a slacker” t-shirt & walks around neighborhood impressing almost everyone.

  3. Steve, to bad you couldn’t do commentary like in horse racing you did a few months ago with this big rig is trying to get around the other big rig and who is going to get a parking spot first. You had me laughing so hard I was crying. You did an excellent job in sounding like a commentator. If I was in charge in getting you loads. It wouldn’t be at night. I would also make sure a loaded trailer would be ready for you to pick up and not to wait such a long time to get loaded. And at the drop off point without any hassles. So you wouldn’t have any twisted or gnarly scheduling. For updating things on your site like the trip journal. People are just going to have to learn to be patient. Your a very busy man. If they can’t accept that. Thats just to bad, thats just how it is. In slacking off. Slack away Steve. Get the rest when you can. In my opinion you go above and beyond in how you do your job. Just keep up the good work. Safe travels

  4. Steve, to bad you didn’t have a live stream and do like a horse racing commentary like you did a few months ago. Which big rig is going to get to the parking spot first. You did an excellent job in being a commentator. You had me laughing so hard I was crying with laughter. If I was in charge of scheduling. You wouldn’t drive at night and you wouldn’t have a twisted gnarly schedule either. People need to learn to be patient when you update your trip journal. Patience is a virtue. On you slacking. Slack away Steve. You deserve to rest when you can, every chance you can get. In my opinion Steve you go above and beyond in how you do your job. Keep up the good work. Take care and safe travels

    1. We lost signal before Medicine Bow National Forest then had planned on taking our 30 minute but we are doing ok for delivery and the main reason is I’m not feeling good at all. I have climbed into bed, took nyquil, and will roll out in the morning.

      1. Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. I hope the night of rest will help for tomorrow. Take it easy!

  5. Am sorry Steve you come down with a dose of something related to weather and all those irregular things you encounter in being on the road.When i come down with symptoms of sickness to just take it easy being at home, taking medication and staying comfortable at home is an advantage to recovery where being out on the go certainly cant help in recovery process.Hang in there rest and get health back and—MASH–IT!!!

  6. Hi Steve, sory to hear that you are totally feeling under the weather right now, but you got the best stuff for symptoms like this, that Nyquil can do wonders, hope you get over this really quickly
    Wanted to ask you if I may and I do apoligize Big time if I have asked you this before but, do you happen to possibly read any NEW comments that may appear on any of your older Videos, only asking because, was just watching one from baqck in October of 2016 and saw that train on that trailer that passed you and you were wondering what it was, it was actually one of those BART trains The Bay Area Rapid Transit trains from like the San Francisco area, really threw me to see what one of those was actually doing being hauled way over in the Iowa area….LOL
    Writing this as of 12:03 p.m. January 25th so really hoped that you got a good nights sleep and that medicine you took, just didnt knock you out cause all depending which of the Nyquil you actually purchased, but its really doing its job and helping you getting over this cold or whatever you have, Please be safe out there, and please keep it between the ditches, now where did I hear that one from before….LOL Take care…..

    1. Yes, I do read and review every comment that comes to the brt YouTube channel regardless which video the comments were posted to. 🙂

  7. Hey Steve – just wondering, did the road crew picture gallery get removed or moved? Don’t see it anymore, just the “red nose” folks.

    1. I’m rebuilding it and moving it to another server. The built in photo galleries is one of the things slowing down the website. I will bring it back as soon as possible.

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