Get the math? Probably not since I come up with some strange things lol. Anyway, it means we did 599 miles today and three states and extremely close to making it four states! We started off early this morning near Albany, New York and shut it down almost at the Indiana line. Lots of very high winds as we started out so we ran at 55mph or so. Once we got past Buffalo, NY the winds became manageable. We are looking good for on time delivery Monday afternoon.

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  1. Last time you posted this song, it started something. Started every day with it and it is now in my YouTube folder I named “sing”.

  2. I had heard the weather and windy would be an issue today. Glad you were able to make 599 miles! Wow.

  3. Good job.
    … Wind. Eh – Steve can handle that.
    … Rain. Eh – Steve can handle that.
    … Blinding snow. Eh – Steve can handle that.
    … But if I make a comment about the weather. And I mention it.
    … Last night I noticed that the temperatures were just about near freezing. And freezing rain.
    … Those are perfect conditions for Black Ice.
    … You cannot predict it. You are driving on wet black top cross a bridge and it acts like a fridge but the road surface is the same.
    … You cannot see it in the headlights. It just looks like wet pavement. It doesn’t matter whether you drove that road everyday.
    … When I see the temperature fall to freezing or near freezing. I used to park the truck. Step out and when the coast is clear I would check the pavement for slippy.
    … I drove for years growing up on the North Shore of Lake Superior in Ontario Canada. I like winter driving. Okay I am weird.
    … I was driving up the steep grade west of the Little Pic Bridge. The pavement was wet. Ahead was six cars on a broken line straight following a truck and a bus. I had a big V-8 and very light load. I did 120 passing them all. That was easy. I thought. Did the S turns then I saw one of my buddies Mark Irwin in a ditch with his MGB. Mark was a very good driver, dump truck. I figured to stop. But its a corner. According to training, tapped the brake. Nuthin. Nuthin. Off the power. From then on I was steering very carefully. There was now no one ahead. No one behind. I had been doing 100kmh/65mph. It took five miles on wet looking ice to stop. I stopped in the middle of the road. Stepped out of the van. Slipped I couldn’t stand alone. With one hand I pushed the whole truck on the ice to the side of the road where the ditch wheels could at least get some grip. Seriously one hand push. Once on the shoulder. I scrambled back in. Then a slow rolling start in second. As I got to half limit and around the corner I went past the highway salt/sand truck in the ditch.
    … past the sander, the highway turned back into wet pavement I managed to close the highway in the very next town. Black Ice really sucks. And I drew the lucky hand. There were a lot of very good drivers in the ditch.
    … That’s what I saw in the last weekend’s forecast. Steve got some sleep. The storm went around. But the conditions for black ice are there. I have noted while sitting with the other Road Crew that the American driver is loathe to slow down. A week and half ago. People died in a pile up on the Pennsylvania turnpike. I would not be a friend or a follower if I didn’t use my weather expertise to alert drivers… the forecast indicated Black Ice. Rain. temperature at 32 F.
    … Today was a good day. A very good day.

    1. Good story. Fortunately for Steve, road conditions are fine at this hour. They might not be in the morning though.

      1. Good yes very interesting story. You got me with 120 you were doing but it was 120 km i take it. Reminded me of all night trip moving daughter from Chicago to Arkansaw on I-57 on a blizzard night in January that from Effingham to Missouri line vehicles were slid off in median. Many cars vans trucks all on ice road had slid off and were left there. This was on a friday night and sunday coming back most were still there..Wreckers were working all over towing them out and this included big rigs also,Thanks for reviving this memory for us and hearing song—Thru It All –felt emotions of yes –getting indeed thru it all.in closing –Mash It and lets–have a cup

  4. Great trip through New York. Strange to see there was not even a small pile of snow along the road. Not at all how I remember it! Hope the winter months go easy on you.

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