Snow again!

Afternoon gang! The weather was warming up last few days before I took time off so I was excited about getting to prepare the garden and do some yard work finally. Instead, yesterday it started snowing and sleeping! It completely covered the ground again. This morning we are back above freezing but just barely. At least the new snow is disappearing again. I will try to do some grilling for the truck freezer shortly. I did go to buy groceries yesterday but ALL the meats shelves were 99% cleared out! Good thing I have a big freezer in the basement that I stored my meats when I would find great sale prices.

16 thoughts on “Snow again!

  1. Enjoy your time off! I have a feeling things will be crazy when you get back to driving with all the empty shelves and the relaxed HOS rules. I did read the wait times for loading were very long so pack your patience. Take care!

    1. just read per the WSJ that they are now officially Suspending truck driving limits for drivers just so if they wanted to, they Wont have to stop driving for their usual mandatory breaks before they can start driving again, dont know if this will be a really safe thing or not, but these grocery stores really need their supplies……

      1. So now companies are going to demand their truckers drive longer hours and driving even when they are beyond tired. I, myself, will never drive beyond what I feel I can safely handle.

  2. Hey, Steve! Maybe, the weather controller, decided, that now, was not right, for you, to plant your garden. Maybe, next time, you have your time off. LOL!

  3. Hi Steve, dont kn ow if or when you’ll see thins or not, but just read on Facebook that because of the Coronavirus the United States is suspending Truck Driving limits, guessing so that all of the tracks that have supplies for all of the grocery stores across the United States can make their deliveries alot sooner than normal, Dont know if this is really a good thing or not, meaning that with this, truck drivers will now be able to drive Much Longer hours than what they normally do Without stopping, they wont have to stop for their mandatory breaks like they are normally supposed to, to put it mildly, they will just be able to keep on driving non-stop if they want to……Please be safe out there and hope that you are really enjoying your days off. and tke care of yourself…..

    1. The suspension is only for certain freight. This doesn’t mean all truckers can just throw out all the rules…

  4. I went grocery shopping yesterday here in Central PA and everything was fully stocked except for the paper towel/bath tissue aisle, which was almost empty.

    So far, the locals here are not hoarding up on perishable items.

    1. Can’t find any TP around here in WNY. They are now starting to steal the TP from public restrooms. Sigh. If you go on a trip bring your own TP.

      P.S. Love these Sunday videos.

  5. Hi Steve — sorry about the snow! This hoarding is just ridiculous! Like a bunch of lemmings out there — one goes off the rails and hundreds follow! Don’t know what they’re thinking! Anyway — enjoy your time off!

  6. Started snowing and sleeping lol! Couldn’t resist 🙂 Hope you get the garden going soon. ‘‘‘Twas not a bad winter so I’m thinking probably be able to get a head start on the garden soon. Yea the shelves here at our local grocers and places like Walmart and Target are really slim on the toilet paper n even soup. Ironically I live maybe 20 minutes from one of Proctor and Gambles largest paper plants and our shelves are empty! I hope this is all short term.

  7. Panic is damaging. Who on this planet, thru all its ages, has not gone thru much worse?
    My kid’s private school is in session while most edu. places are closed. In some states for 5 weeks! God willing, we’re going to finish up on time & enjoy the summer fishing.
    BTW, I grew up on a farm, (without toilet paper.) Country ppl know other ways. lol. Did the pilgrims cross the ocean without the tissue? Did Columbus & his crew have any?
    It would be a blessing if ppl learn to be resilient once again. Maybe some of these trials come for that reason.

  8. Glad to see you’re on your way to a good rest. You were by my estimate, two months and two weeks on the road.

    As for gardening, you are a true Texan. Unfortunately states along the northern border don’t have warm enough soils until the third week of April to mid May. I wandered Canada in my youth, (Its further north than the USA) and found that when I went to new tipis such as the Caribou – Chilicotin, I checked out the back yards despite the creep factor to find the biggest garden. I did. Whatever that guy with the huge garden did. I didn’t listen to garden experts local, media or surmised otherwise. I watched. Where you are that has to be a good month away. Oh plant potatoes.

    As for the changing of driver hours. I hope that doesn’t. I watched out that front camera of yours, seeing all the hot shot couriers, and Amazons go ramming down the highway over the limit. And the only thing that I could come away with was that I was glad that drivers had work limits. I remember the good old days way before you started and those rigs in the ditches often contained the deceased corpses of fatigued drivers. I worked as a swamper as my second seasonal student job for an LFL carrier in Canada. Every morning we went in, during the Christmas season and snows to see if the eastbound or westbound drivers had made it. A couple of times I some didn’t. I heard driving hours into the one hundreds. I knew one guy 6 days from Toronto to Vancouver, to his hometown Edmonton back to Toronto, one shot. He was a moving company truck driver. From Sault Ste. Marie to Edmonton is 56 hours hard driving. Three hours, stop 10min. So when I saw that society put a brake to that nonsense. Good.

    Your seventy hour limit is a good thing it saves your life and other lives. To have time limits removed to facilitate faster restocking of shelves for bumwad is frankly stupid. With this disease going around the opposite will ultimately happen, there will a ten to twenty percent decrease in cargo movements in about three months. Recall when you or I were kids and we walked into a beer store and thought man I can finish this off. Then when I went to my first stop at the regional beer warehouse, I was blown away by all that beer. Same with the toilet paper. Today would be the day when trucks would hit the wholesale warehouse. and the doors will roll open bazonga enough pallets of stacked paper to supply stores for another two weeks, not counting the mill output.

  9. Can I say this? You will save this country when people realize the evil which has caused this lockdown never got to touch you because our President understands if YOU and trains stop moving, the world stops turning. This is one of the few times I wish I had gotten a CDL license because I don’t like being part of the problem, I prefer being the solution which is.. Evil will never triumph over the Angels in Heaven who drove out the AntiChrist archangel whose intent was to ruin the good of heaven, but was driven out by His outside hard working Angels who didn’t get the memo!

  10. Well you took time off and the world went for a deep crap, Steve. Use the outdoor biffy in social distance man. If you come across a B wagon full of common sense please hook up and deliver.

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