Running wild

Run run run as we keep hitting our 14 hour clock each day! Remember our drive yesterday on US Highway 151 was nice with no snow on the ground? Look again, we had some heavy snow come through the area last night so today’s drive will be a white one!

The planners have been giving us trips that are already running behind when they assign them to us lately so that is why we keep hitting that daily hour limit. So far the customers have been working with us and for that I’m glad.

Important note for anyone who purchased from the BigRigTravels store… The guy who volunteers his time to package up and ship out your items has been sick this week. Because so many orders come in, he agreed to make a weekly trip to the post office each Monday. It would be unfair to tell a volunteer to make a trip everyday since he too has a life outside of If you ordered from the store after March 3rd, your order would normally have been shipped out this week. I apologize for any delays and your order will be mailed out as soon as he can. You will get an email when your order goes from it’s current state of processing to complete, which means it actually got mailed. Please have patience.

5 thoughts on “Running wild

  1. I got my hat and hat pin last week, Steve. Thanks much! I’m wearing it fishing this morning…

  2. Steve just wanted to in form you Chillicothe Missouri which map shows you are driving thru Thursday the 12th is where the very first loaf of sliced bread was made.So i know this very important fact—well after all better to toast a slice instead of having to toast whole loaf—is very important to all BRT heavy eaters on here!!Okay just my way of letting you know i love and care Steve!!!

  3. Hang in there, Steve! Know that you’re being thought of as you Mash It and make those daily hour limits work out as best as ya can, friend.
    One mile at a time and one long hour at a time, right? Mercy sakes, get some rest as best as ya can…. -TBear

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