Back in the saddle

Again! Welcome back to the BigRigTravels Adventure! We had a good time off, but it was too cold and snowy and wet to get much yard work done and ready for the planting season, but we did get some grilling in. Aunt Jemima also did some grilled cheetos and you can see proof of it by going to the blog and looking at the right side Instagram photos. Also there, you can get a sneak preview at one of several new products that are coming to the BigRigTravels Store!

Lots of empty store shelves as you know, so, since we drag a temperature controlled trailer behind us and we haul 85% food products, we should be busy for awhile now. Jump aboard and go on a trip with BigRigSteve!

The 2020 Trip Journal has finally be updated now as well for your reading pleasure…

12 thoughts on “Back in the saddle

  1. Since your Co. “Will Not” allow you to utilize the relaxed hours of service for essential products (which I cannot understand!),will this result in more short short hauls?

    1. Since I’m not a member of any management, I have no idea. The only thing I have heard from my bosses is it will be business as usual. Follow the standard HOS rulings, and do the normal freight assignments as we always have done. We still must adhere to the customer appointment times like normal. Just because freight of food products is higher now doesn’t mean the customers will allow truckers to do anything differently. They only have so many available doors and personnel to load or unload the freight, so we can’t just show up any time we wanted. I’m not sure exactly what it is folks think I should be doing different at this point. I can only pick up, run the trip, and deliver according to the customer requirements at either end of the freight movement cycle. The reality of 99% of food shipments is they all go by strict appointment times that the customers themselves set.

      As far as short hauls vs long hauls, most food freight goes from factories to regional warehouses, or transfers between warehouse points.

  2. Hey Steve,

    Did you see any closed truck stops? I heard Mom say she read somewhere that a few of the truck stops were closing because of Wuhan Flu. I was wondering if you’ve run across anything like that yet? I know this is only your first day back, but I was just curious.

  3. I’ll give you a pound of Honduran coffee if you bring a t/l of toilet paper to my town. Deal?

  4. The weather is crap out there. 60mph class gusts coming in on your starboard aft quarter.

    With regard to hours. I like your company. I like you. Safety first. That hour limit regime saves lives. Besides how many trucks did we see in California waiting for loads before all this nonsense.

    Drive safe please.

  5. Just want to express my thanks and appreciation to you, and all the truckers out there keeping the supply chain rolling. Be safe Steve.

  6. Hi Steve

    If you get a trip out to California make sure you check up on the news in case there is any thing you need to no. The. California government has issued a state wide lockdown but I think truckers can still make there delivery’s But don’t think you be able to do much else after

  7. Steve – Here’s a big Thank You to you and all your fellow truckers who are keeping things moving while most of us are locked down in our safe warm homes. You guys ROCK!

  8. There is no doubt that the truck drivers saved America from collapse in this time of overreaction and unnecessary hysteria caused by our leaders and media. I say saved because by this point in time America would have been a memory.

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