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Maybe early?

Howdy and welcome to Dodge City, Kansas. Our preloaded trailer isn’t scheduled to officially be released until 11pm tomorrow night. After checking in today upon our arrival to Dodge City, they told me our trailer was already in a door and being loaded. We will go ahead and shutdown tonight and give them overnight to finish up our load. Tomorrow we will wake up and call them to verify it is ready. Once we get it, we will roll on towards the “Home of the White Squirrels”. I’m not promising it will be ready early, but it is a very good sign since it is already in the dock doors!

17 thoughts on “Maybe early?

  1. Welcome to Kansas, Looking forward to seeing you roll through Lawrence and KC. Safe travels!

  2. …Never Fails. The one time I’m close enough to cross paths, I’m stuck helping family for the day. Grmbl.

  3. Have you ever seen a white squirrel in Olney? A live one that is?

    1. I haven’t.

  4. Good Luck on your travels into Olney, Illinois. Hopefully you will be able to get the load early.

  5. So if they make you wait all day and you can’t go anywhere till 11pm do you still get paid something for sitting around? At that point it will have been 24 hours since you arrived and it would suck to not get any pay for a day.

    1. Sometimes yes, mostly no. All depends on the customer, and the reason for delay

  6. Ever had squirrel jerky? Need a ton of it if you’re in Olney :p

  7. The shipper is not technically making Steve wait around as long as they have his trailer ready by the 11PM deadline on the scheduled day.
    Steve got there a day early so if the trailer is ready prior to 11PM, they have fulfilled their obligation.

    1. Exactly correct:)

  8. Well I’m in for more ride time when ever you decide to hit the trail.

    1. That all depends on when the shipper releases our trailer. We been calling every two hours since 3an

  9. Does this waiting time count against hours of service?

    1. No since waiting isn’t doing company work.

  10. What did you do to keep busy, in between calls to the shipper, while you were waiting to leave?

    1. Work on designing our 2021 calendar and coding for the upgraded BigRigTravels store

  11. You just missed all that snow in Colorado and Wyoming today. Denver’s already had 6 inches overnight with more expected.

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