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Salute from Canada!

Good Friday morning Road Crew! It’s a wet morning as we sit in the dock door unloading our current trip. Once done here, we have another trip and will head directly to the next shipper to load in Memphis, Tennessee!

Many thanks goes to Dale Couprie from the Bowling Depot in Calgary, Alberta, Canada for giving a “5 Pin Salute” to truckers and BigRigTravels plus the other folks working through the current times. Many thanks Dale, I appreciate you! You can visit their website at

3 thoughts on “Salute from Canada!

  1. I think Steve will have at least one more trip after this one because truckers have been busy. As for Calgary, I think Steve will visit on the way to Alaska after he turns in this truck.

    1. I don’t think Steve is ready to retire just yet

      But if Steve dos retire in the next 5 to 10 years or so. Then he can get him self a RV and. Take the road crew traveling and then we can call it the road crew RV traveling show

  2. i wish you could go to Canada just so we could see the scenery.. I’ve been to BC and really loved it there and wish I could live there.

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