15 thoughts on “Hoppy Easter!

  1. Thank you Steve — a beautiful hymn! Happy Easter to you and I hope to get on board today sometime!

  2. Hoppy? Well, I guess the followers of Jesus hopped around a bit when they found out HE IS RISEN!
    Can’t keep The Master of love in the ground. 🐑 💝

  3. Funny how I was thinking about that song just last night. He rose again; therefore I will rise again.

    And this is off-topic, but thank you for opening up some new photo galleries. I need to look at them more closely, but they look like some interesting places in northern Alabama. Happy Easter, safe travels, and Lord bless.

  4. Thank you Steve you don,t know how much you do for us who can’t get around very good. And for showing us America.A long time viewer and road crew member and hat buyer god bless you.

    1. Happy Easter, Big Rig Steve, been riding with you for about 6 months now, and enjoy every trip. You bring the road to me, i can’t drive anymore so its extra special to me that you do this channel. Thank You!

  5. Have a safe and happy Easter, Big Rig! Been along with you for about 6 month now, and i enjoy every ride. Thanks for what you do, you bring the road to me. I can’t drive anymore, so you’re channel means alot. Big Rig Steve#1

  6. Happy Easter to you and yours, Steve! Thanks for the many hours of joy you bring! Safe Travels!

  7. Happy late Easter Steve. Yeah, there are a few more trucking YouTubers, but yours is by far the bestest! I only watch one other when you’re at home which I’m afraid is about to get here! You guys should be on unmonitored running now with all the unfortunate shortages we’re forced to contend with!

  8. Happy Easter Steve and thanks for many great videos from your tours. You are in the right place, eyewitness news in New York warns of a lot of rain and harsh winds on the east coast both north and south.

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