Lots of Updates!

Good Saturday afternoon to the fantastic Road Crew. Here are just a few updates to let you know what is happening at BRT Central.

The Dentist-

Well, it took several attempts to get in to see the dentist, but we finally managed to get things handled. First, the holiday season and closed offices was the first delay. Then the big rush of people needing to see the dentist made ourr appointment for the 15th. We made it back to Belvidere for that date, but then the dentist had a death in the family so all appointments were cancelled. Then the next appointment was made for the 22nd but we tried our best but just could not get out of Texas fast enough to make it back in time. So, the next appointment was made for the 29th and woohoo, we made it this time! They took alot of xrays because we didn’t see him at all in 2019. Yup, we paid for dental insurance but didn’t use it in all of 2019. Not really a smart move. The good news is they didn’t find anything new, just the same two problem teeth that had cracked in half about three years ago and they really were causing problems, in fact, they they were the suspected cause of…..

The Face-

Ah, the face. The big, puffy, Frankenstein styled face of half mushroom gone bad and half Cheerios left in milk too long. LOL, ok, ok, so it isn’t quite that bad in real life, it just feels that way to me. The first swelling occurred in December, and an Urgent Care gave me antibiotics to help which they did and the swelling went down. Then it came back. Suspecting the bad teeth were the cause that is why we did the dentist thing… But, now that the teeth have been removed, the swelling came back and I went to the ER because it became quite painful and growing. The ER folks told me it wasn’t the dental at all but in fact another problem (discussed on last post). I have been on several prescriptions with today being the second day. I do not see any change just yet, so hoping something happens really quickly. It isn’t getting worse, but it isn’t getting better either.

The Truck-

During this “day off for dentist”, which will turn into 6 days now, I decided to turn the truck in to the shop for a checkup and investigate a shake that occurs in the hood and steering wheel that happens at 40-45mph. I get a call on Friday afternoon that they cannot locate the reason why the truck does that and they will have to hold the truck another week and that would mean I have to move into another truck since a driver cannot besitting and not moving that long. I was NOT happy at all about the thought of moving everything to yet another truck! Guess what? Another call from another person told me they found the problem and are waiting for the part to arrive on Monday but then we would be ready to roll in our own truck then. Well, that certainly is good news! This does give me a chance to rest and heal from all the trauma my head has been through!

The Website-

You may have already noticed that the Trip Journal has been brought up to date. Yes, I finally got the time to get it done. You may also notice some changes to different parts of the website in the next few days. Before you panic and scream you can’t find something, remember, everything can be reached through the main menu bar up top. I am trying to lighten the load on the front page which has been a serious issue; we were trying to load too much information directly on one page. This has brought our Google ranking waaaay down, and we don’t want that! Be warned, that while I make the minor changes this weekend, there will be a point that I will put the website in maintenance mode for some of the bigger changes. Yes, I know, everybody hates change, but I really think you will like it in the longrun, should be faster, and actually you might like it better and be able to move more easily throughout the website! Just some food for thought, if we never updated or changed the website throughout the years (since 2008) you would have virtually nothing you see and enjoy today. Technology evolves, coding changes, websites change, everything progresses. In fact, I really think ya gonna like it better:)

Ok, that’s enough news for today. Enjoy your weekend!

15 thoughts on “Lots of Updates!

  1. Steve, I think the problem with your website is that it promotes Christian music on Sundays. Google doesn’t like that so keep up the good work.

    Also, you might want to get a second opinion on that face of yours. It might be a bigger problem such as a cracked jaw.

  2. Thanks for the update Steve..a very eventful week..hopefully a new week and month will bring good things for you…as for the website I’m sure we’ll soon get used to any changes… thanks for your hard work….

    1. Steve, thank you for letting us know what is going on with you so far. I do hope all this negative energy turns to a positive energy for you and no more bad problems. Hopefully in time things will look up for you. Get well soon and please look after your health.

  3. Steve thanks for update. Your site looks great. I hope you better soon. Have great Sunday and great Monday and I see you when back on our truck. Robin

  4. Steve, I hope you feel better real soon. Many, many thanks for letting us travel with you. Take care.

  5. I wondered why the site was different as I was so used to just scrolling down to see the blog but this too is just something to have to get used to (meant in a positive way)! Glad you are not worse but hope it does improve soon!
    Also good news about the truck as no fun to have to move into another truck 🙂
    Did they say what the part was that caused the problem?

  6. Well, dang! Thanks for the major update, Steve, you are staying busy with all the other trauma related stuff going on.

  7. If I learned one thing today, it’s to never leave my Cheerios in the milk too long. 😀
    Get in recovery mode Steve. Your truck will soon be ready.

  8. Steve, thank you for the updates, so glad you have an extra couple days to get better, and glad your truck will be ready for you and has the part replaced that you needed. Wishing you a speedy recovery, and also the website is looking good. Take care and God bless

  9. Thank you for all the updates ! Hoping and praying you have a better week coming up Steve ! Hang in there ~ 🙂

  10. Don’t get rolling until you are absolutely sure you’re over the staph because you can’t always wash your stuff. Hope you have a less bumpy road now, I mean, don’t be getting anymore of these nasty infections, okay?

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