8 thoughts on “A Sunday in February

  1. hi steve i see where parked for the night but i cant tell buy looking at the snow man cam did you get the truck back today ? or did you have too get in too other new truck for the time being

  2. Bummer Steve has soon has we call it a night traffic seems too be moving like normal now on snowman cam

  3. This is in reference the events with the highway block of the Teay valley 2020-02-06, while you were headed for Charlotteville. I know the truck clocked you out. I am more than willing to testify that you did not abuse it. You got five hours sleep till the WVDOT woke you at the side of the highway. I watched and tracked with you all the way to the next available stop on that detour.

    Then you caught some more shut eye.

    The clock, is automated for most situations, but this was not even close to a normal situation. I will swear an affidavit if necessary because you did absolutely everything right.

    Gord – Toronto

  4. hi steve was that track driver able too park next too you? i saw on snow man cam that he was trying too back up too that spot was he able make it ? that spot look like a tight area too get in too

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