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Good Thursday evening. It has been a rough last few days. Finally got two extractions finished which supposedly would have solved the massive swelling on my face. Tonight I went to the ER because in just a matter of four hours my face went from normal to huge again. Come to find out, the facial swelling never had anything to do with the dental work. Instead, the swelling came from impetigo and a possible staph infection. The medication the dentist gave me only subdued the infection, not completely remove it. I now have better answers and much stronger medication. I feel like I’ve been run over by a steam roller, so Friday will be recovery and get a headstart on medication before hitting the highway on Saturday. Obviously I haven’t done anything with the website but getting this solved was much more important.

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  1. Steve, take as much time off as possible to get better. Your health is far more important than watching you travel the country.

  2. I agreed turn the truck in and take has much time off has you need The more time off you have the better off you will be the open roads can wait tell your face is fully better and not all swelling up Hop for a speedy recovery for you Steve

  3. Steve, I’m sorry to hear that. Are you sure you want to get back on the road so soon? Get better first your health is very important. Take some sick time off. I’ll pray for you to have a complete and speedy recovery. Do they know how you got Impetigo and possible Staph infection? Please Steve take good care of yourself. Your on my prayer list.

  4. Sounds like you got back just in time. Look, I was in shipping, LFL shipping. Unless there is some important crap that can’t wait. You might as well start Monday instead of sitting ten hours at a receiver door on a Sunday night. I realize like you I had to go to work. But infections shouldn’t be ignored. No matter how experienced one is driving is a stressful experience. You can cope very easily but you’ve had two months of infection endurance.

    Your friends here are strongly hinting at staying and resting longer. Let’s split the difference. Could you please schedule your return for Monday afternoon. Lots of juicy trips then.

  5. Hey there Steve–from my history of tooth related problems sure can relate !! Certainly nothing to not take serious concerns for it.Also know what it is like to feel like tooth related problem and something else is cause and not tooth!! Have a jaw problem feels like gums swollen but dentist says not tooth related.and not ear problem not sleep induced problem jaw specialist no help. OK but still am blessed and you too Steve!!

  6. So glad you found out what was going on and got it taken care of. The road can wait, Steve, your health is more important. We (the road crew ) will be here when you get back. Just want you to get better. Praying for a speedy recovery. God bless you

  7. So…. were the extractions unnecessary?
    That would be awful if the dentist wrongfully removed healthy choppers 🙁
    Hope you are now feeling better.

    1. Hi
      The extractions were necessary.
      Staph infections can come from the tinest of nicks, a break in the skin.

      Which makes me laugh/groan at the “doomsday preppers”. No matter how many secret tunnels & stored food one has, the little invisible microbe can take a human down. (Or not)
      Our days are in the hands of Another.

  8. Get well Soon… good to hear they nailed it and in the end solved the cause to this problem.. hope to see you on the roads soon. take care ..

  9. Staph infections can be difficult to treat so take “ALL” of the medication prescribed. Many people take meds until they feel better, but in this case take every single dose.

    God speed to you.

  10. Hi Steve, thank you for the update. Please take enough time for the body and mind to heal properly, because no matter how you look at it, they are both involved in your complete recovery. We know that you’re a mighty tough guy, but PLEASE take into consideration what Gord Campbell stated above: and that is to return to the open road on Monday.

  11. Impetigo !!!… don’t you catch that from kissing green dinosaurs…… hope the meds work and it clears up quickly…. take care Steve.

  12. Hey Mr Steve; I saw a Celadon trailer on I 75 last week while heading to Tampa. I thought they were history. I couldn’t get the name off the tractor. How do you explain that?

    1. Well if a company stops operations, the names painted on the trailers don’t just magically fall off. It could be the trailer was sold and in transit to a wholesale place, storage lot, or already sold to another company. A lot of times if a company buys the assets of another company, they will just use it as is for a few years.

      1. I’ve seen quite a few poorly painted-over trailers with names of long-dead companies. I think there’s at least one on the roads in this area of Connecticut that you can still make out “St. Johnsbury” on. St. Johnsbury went under in 1993!

  13. Wow, I had to look that one up. Follow the doctors orders and take ALL your meds even if it looks and feels better. And go back to follow up to make sure it’s gone. The Mayo Clinic’s Website (hold the Mayo) suggests cleaning or discarding clothes, bedding and towels. Get better soon.

    1. Yes, since it started in the truck, and it’s on my face, I will throw out my pillows since they are already 5+ years old and wash everything else

      1. Steve lol your Supposed to replace your pillows when ever they got flat not keep them for 5 years with out replacing them

        You could give your pillows too any J and chatty so they can have a pillow too sleep on

    2. Yeesh, saw the pictures, no thanks, my hygiene means a ton to me and so what if Mom complains about my farts.. The alternative is.. 😮

  14. Your health is the most important thing to take care of, hopefully you can take it easily as possible so you won’t have to worry about having any more problems like that while you’re on the road

  15. OH Steve! I’m so sorry you had to deal with these health issues, and I’m so very happy that they took care of the teeth and discovered that infection!! We will patiently wait for your return, so take all the time you need to get better!! We don’t want anything to happen to our very favorite driver/host!! Prayers for your soon recovery!

  16. Get well Steve! So glad you got the proper attention and are recovering! It will be great to see you get back on the road and feeling chipper again. I am sure the Road Crew misses you as do my 4 year old Grand Daughters ( The Rookie Road Crew). They love when Mr. Steve says AYE AYE.

  17. Steve, I am going to add my voice to those advising you to take all the time you need. Praying for your most complete recovery!

  18. I knew something like this might happen when Aunt Jemima decided to let the cab go instead of keeping it clean.
    Make sure you sanitize the frog, too.

  19. Hi Steve just a quick line ,if you ain’t got your health ain’t got anything, so get yourself well and we all will be waiting for your return regards and respect Steve, Cyber.

  20. Steve Is the truck having it California 90 day check up ? Or is the truck in the shop for other reasons?

    All so since where not going to get on the road in tell Monday now at lest you have the weekend too recover and get a few more thing done around the house

  21. This is good for you that you will have till Monday to rest up. Hope you get plenty of relax time and enjoy the Super Bowl as well.
    Take care.

  22. Steve…all I can say is YAY! So many of us wanted you to have more time to heal, (prayers) looks like we got our wish. I would not enjoy chatting and enjoying the scenery knowing that you could still be experiencing a bit of soreness and pain.

    Oh yes, I like the new blog format…another YAY!

  23. Wow, you’ve been through the ringer! My sister had impetigo when we were young (about 7-8) and all I remember about it was my mom had to wash all her clothes & dishes separate from the rest of us. Must’ve worked because none of the rest of us kids got it. Why is the truck in the shop? Nothing serious I hope. Take all the time you need, get rested, do what YOU want while you rest up. Don’t worry about the website now. Prayers for a speedy recovery for you (and the truck). We miss you!! Take care.

  24. Wow.. It was a good thing you got your health straightened out. Those staph infections are not fun and the fact you had to go to the ER was enough to understand the seriousness of it. Get well soon and it probably is a good thing you’re truck won’t be ready until Monday afternoon. Whenever you take medication, it can affect the way you drive and the way you feel so lay low over this weekend. Trust us, we can stand a few more days knowing you are on the road to better health.

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