Long drive today

Good evening to the road crew. Long drive today and we managed to keep a single broadcast the entire day, even along Interstate 68. Tonight we will have to spend the night on customer property. The original delivery was scheduled for Wednesday night, but we were ahead of schedule by more than 24 hours so we asked the customer if we could arrange a delivery tonight instead. Yup, we got what we requested, so here we are! Here are the numbers for today’s drive…

Miles driven is 535.8
Left on our 70 hour clock is 38hr 06min
Left on our 14 hour clock is 2hr 45min
Left on our 11 hour clock is 1hr 13min

I will see ya’ll in the morning and see what adventures are in store for us!

12 thoughts on “Long drive today

      1. ok steve may be you can get the next trip that gos too FL then may be you can get out of the cold weather for a bit

  1. Pretty much go right by that place every day! Hopefully you have some Goober spread with ya or maybe even something better:) if you get to unload sooner, there is the small truckstop you passed getting off I380 otherwise you’d have to get down to DuPont Petro or the Pilot up the street from that. Nice ride thru Kentucky n Maryland today!

    1. I had planned on stopping by your petro for the night, but they moved up our delivery by a whole day.and I couldn’t pass that up.

      1. Hey buddy can’t blame you! Opportunity knocks. Gotta grab this chance when you can. Have a good night and stay warm 🙂

  2. hey Stephen
    just watched your clip of today’s travels, theres only 1hr and 38mins bit yet the clip says 10hrs and 38mins
    for some reason we are missing some
    rest well

    1. I just looked and scanned around, it shows me all time. Maybe it was still processing when you looked?

      1. hey Stephen
        had a look today, it’s all there, your probably right, could have been still loading when we looked

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