Monday Monday

Good morning America. We had an early start this morning which allowed us to make our 530 am delivery appointment right on time. The next trip is now posted but it is a preload scheduled for later tonight. We will still head on down to the shipper and drop our empty trailer and perhaps our load will be ready early. The place we pick up from has always been great and most times we have been fortunate enough to pick up our load and hit highway earlier than expected.

3 thoughts on “Monday Monday

  1. Coming nearby Woo hoo! Looking like some snow may hit the area Thursday into Friday and again over the weekend.
    Looking forward to the delivery as its not really far from where I work!
    We’ll see where you might be in a day or two for a meet n greet? I know it all depends on each of our schedules and how
    much time you’ll have before next trip.

  2. Gonna’be see a bit of a different area. Since I’ve been following you I don’t recall you visiting western Maryland.

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