Half day

Howdy. After last night’s all night delivery and the wierd hours it took to get it accomplished legally, we are now done for the day. We arrived at our shipper and dropped off our empty trailer and since our loaded trailer wasn’t ready on time, and we were running out of hours, we will pick it up first thing in the morning and have a fun filled day of driving Thursday as we head to the St Louis, area.

10 thoughts on “Half day

  1. Hi Steve and Good Morning. Can you say what it was that you brought from Kentucky to the facility in Covington Township?!
    Meant to ask sooner but this was the first chance I have had. Just curious!
    Thanks in advance…

  2. Well, how bout that. I just went shopping on my way home and stopped at a store not far from that cold storage place. Guess what I bought? Hot pockets 🙂

      1. Yes sir it was Shoprite! (I didn’t know if I could say that) I see their trucks come and go from that place ALL the time. Interesting fact about the supermarket trucks schedule. Thank you for sharing that 🙂
        The Hot Pockets were on sale so that’s why I bought a couple boxes. It would be really neat to know if they were the same ones you actually brought!

    1. Inbound grocery items unload after 11pm, which is why our delivery was overnight. Then the Supermarkets outbound trucks headed to the local stores departs by 6am.

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