Is it Spring yet??

Good Sunday morning. We are just kinda being lazy this morning since the allergies are pretty active the last few days. We deliver at 4pm so we really weren’t motivated to get rolling just to sit at the other end by the customer. We will roll shortly. Here is this week’s video

4 thoughts on “Is it Spring yet??

  1. Happy Sunday Steve,

    Will you be getting some much needed time off since your’ll be in Illinois?

    It’s been a pleasure watching your travels the last couple of weeks.

    I saved a quarter this time with my father when you land in Illinois ( its not Utah ).

    Later my friend, Safe travels as always,

  2. Hi Steve, nice day there. My guess is gotta keep WNSS in stock. Enjoy your time off. Yes, I still check in daily just to see what’s happening. You seem to have missed all the really bad weather and blizzards this year. YAY

  3. I’ve had a lot of laughs last couple days. Hoarders are trying to return TP, hand sanitizer, & wipes to stores. One guy was hoarding $10,000 worth, planning to make a mint off the need of others. Stores are saying “Nope! You’re the problem!” hahahaha

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