Idaho Segment

Howdy from Idaho Falls, Idaho. Pizza delivered to the room and free laundry to get clean clothes. Free night hotel stay to make the night better:

We are on the Idaho segment of my vacation. The vacation trip has to be done in smaller segments since we are using the same database as the regular trucking website, but a running list does display on the right side of the map.

We decided to stay three nights at Yellowstone National Park exploring as much as we could but still left alot untouched. There were literally tons of tourists roaming around to the point finding parking was difficult in some places. Enjoy the trip via the Instagram feed and GPS map. I will try to run a live feed Saturday but no idea how much signal will be available on US Highway 20 in Idaho.

8 thoughts on “Idaho Segment

  1. Going to any major U.S. national park these days is like going to Disney World: crazy crowded and crazy expensive (but still fantastic). I had to wait in line for an hour just to board a shuttle bus when I was in Glacier last year.

    Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve is on your next (Idaho) segment. It was a lot less crowded than most national parks when I went there back in 2011, but the sun reflecting off of the black rocks is hotter than blazes. Also, if you don’t mind making a 50 mile side trip off of US 20, Malad Gorge State Park right along I-84 would make a nice walkabout video: a 0.6 mile mostly level and paved trail leads to fantastic views down a sheer volcanic rock gorge. And crowds are not usually an issue there. Just a thought. Keep on trucking…er…I mean car-ing! 😉 Safe travels and Lord bless.

  2. I see you made it to the TV museum – pretty cool and I suppose “The Price Was Right”! Come on down … 🙂

  3. Steve, you might want to make the run up to Bonners Ferry. That area is supposed to be very scenic and will get you into position toward Glacier National Park.

  4. Just enjoy your vacation steve little broadcast is fine so are just pictures signal or no signal enjoy 🙂

  5. Your videos are great as usual but they seem a bit strange not hearing
    that big diesel changing gears etc . Hope you are enjoying your time off.

  6. Hey Steve glad you seem to having a good traveler experience.Hope you not getting too rusty with all this time off and lose your driver skills Ha Ha Am kind of concerned however with the spilling of your coffee cup hope not a hint of you getting clumsy with all this globe-trotting!! Cant wait till——Mash It starts again Stay Safe!!

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