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Yellowstone x2

Morning from Cody, Wyoming. Today we will make our way 90 miles to Yellowstone and the Old Faithful Inn for a two day visit. There is virtually no cell towers around and I’m sure the free wifi will be limited. It’s windy, cloudy, cold outside today. I’m hoping the weather gets better. I will update Instagram and blog when possible.

15 thoughts on “Yellowstone x2

  1. Once you get 20 miles in the east gate, there is apparently cell coverage. Wave to us from the Old Faithful cam.

  2. Hi Steve, hoping for sunshine and lots of blue skies for your visit to Yellowstone and the rest of your vacay. Enjoy every moment!

  3. Wow! So looking forward to seeing the videos and photos. I have 2 nights reserved @ Old Faithful Lodge Cabins in September.This will give me a good insight as to what I might see.

  4. Hope you took time to visit the Buffalo Bill Museum, which actually is 5 different museums.

  5. Been sharing the Instagram posts on FB with Repost ap so that folks who don’t bother with Instagram can see all the beautiful sites and sounds from your trip.

    1. Whoops. I see there is an Instagram feed on the website! That is awesome.

    2. I appoint you official repost manager to Facebook. 🙂 There are only so many places I get the chance to post to, so when others repost to the Road Crew Group I am thankful for the help.

  6. Steve i am happy for you to vacation as you are doing
    .I know there is only so much to see in the time frame and route you are on.So i say its too bad you are not able to visit the worlds biggest ball of twine this time around so maybe you can take it in next vacation trip Ha Ha just my way of expressing my love for you Steve Eager to Mash-It time again Stay Safe

  7. Hello Steve;) i’m on vacation too, but only for two days:) Its not so great scenery like in Yellowstone, but it was nice first day for me. Now i’m going to sleep in Modry Kamen (Blue Stone), Slovakia. Tomorrow hooray to Hungary, Matra mountains, Kekes, highest point of Hungary, and Holloko (UNESCO site)… anyway i love to drive every nice backroad, im not much interested for the destinations, i just like to be on the road:) Hope i will finnish my trip tomorrow at 9pm my local time… weather forecast for sathurday looks bad here… Hope your weather will improve soon, enjoy Yellowstone and all your vacation;) bye/goodnight

    1. Tomas, happy to hear that you were able to get away for a couple days as well. Hope it was good. 👍🏻🤗

      1. :)thank you Goss;) it was very nice sightseeing/trip. Especialy Holloko in Hungary is beautiful small cozy place on this planet:) i love it there. Hope you have nice days too:)

  8. Our home was in Mamouth Hot Springs in the northern part of YNP – you probably passed through it today.

    Watching your journey up into Roosevelt – hope someone around told you about the trail to the top of Mt Washburn. This is an arduous hike but full of wildlife: mountain goats and black and Grizzlies (take your pepper spray and a camera!). The view from the top gives you a fantastic glimpse of the Tetons. One of the best short hikes in YNP. YNP is full of the finest hikes in the world. It takes years to see just the best of them.

    Today’s view from the ranger station on top:

  9. Never been there im sure it is somthing to see enjoy 🙂

  10. Hi Steve- great to catch up on your vacation via the blog updates at your website. I was wondering why things were so quiet on youtube for you for the last few days, until I remembered that your cell coverage was likely non-existent in many places on your trip. The hike on Yellowstone sounds awesome btw… I have never been there myself, but have enjoyed hiking at many places out here in CA over the years. I really hope you’re enjoying your vacation… you’ve earned it, and I’m sure you need a break. And I wouldn’t pre-occupy yourself (too much) with issues related to sharing your vacation with all of us roadcrew… remember, it’s your hard-earned vacation- make the most of it, and really enjoy yourself out there!

    All the best, bud!

  11. Just west of the Lake Lodge is a really cool trail to the top of Elephant Butte. Outstanding hike and a neat view of Lake Yellowstone.

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