Montana Big Sky

Good evening everyone. It’s been a few days since we posted a anything so here goes. Yup, still alive and I’ve been putting up a few Instagram pictures up here and there. I really haven’t been Broadcasting live while driving because it really is a pain since the car isn’t set up for all the wires, plugs, overheating, windshield angles, etc. I have managed a few visits with ya’ll here and there.

We did drop back down to the United States and have started the drive back across America towards Illinois.  Today,  we visited Dillon, Montana and Bannack State Park which is a very cool ghost town.  I was expecting a short visit but when we arrived,  it was the only weekend that is a special event bringing in 5,000+ people! Lots of vendors and folks running around in period clothing.  It was a very nice surprise and ended up taking up the whole day. I’ve always loved ghost towns but this one is the most complete and all original that I’ve seen.

Lots of travel has happened since July 5th and it’s coming to a close soon. Tons of video and photography are in my cameras and it will take some time to work through it all. I’m hoping to present the vacation to you on the website in a different way this time.  I have exhausted myself on vacation doing more, seeing more,  and doing more things than I think I’ve done before!

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  1. Steve

    I love you, but you forgot all about Glacier National Park. But since you are in the Butte area, you can travel I-15 north to Helena and videotape that for us since that is supposed to be good scenery. Then you can take US 12 eastbound and catch I-94 in Forysth.

  2. I have enjoyed your vaca pics and films and was really excited that you were coming back home via I 90, love the scenery on that road, have re watched your prior truck ride down that one. Looking forward to viewing this ghost town in when you get it posted. You guys be careful some eallly nasty weather in Wisconsin and Minnesota for the last couple of days.

  3. I wanted to send a huge thank you for sharing your vacation with all of us. We got to see and experience so many beautiful places with you and it truly meant a lot. You did so much in these last two weeks; we’re you able to do and see everything you were hoping to? Please travel safely as you make your way back to Illinois. Thank you Steve! 🤗

  4. Enjoy the vacation trip, Steve. Can’t wait to see the video when you get the chance to put it all together. Thank you for the wonderful ride. Be safe going home.

  5. Wow!! Sounds like you will need a vacation to rest up from your vacation. Glad you are having a good time. Can’t wait to see all the picture & videos. Enjoy but be safe. God Bless you and safe travels.

  6. Nice, 5000+ people in ghost town:) and in historic clothing – Aunt J was certainly stunned:D would be great to see few photos… funny coincidence of 50th anniversary of the first voyage to the Moon and your vacation voyage:) Safe travels home, “Neil & Buzz”!:) Greetings to South Dakota…

  7. Hey Steve am really ready for you to MASH-IT again.Have been suffering from withdrawal anxieties from not getting my BRT daily fix.But am sure happy for your vacation time off.So here are suggestions to top off your holiday ramblings—–Bungee jump off high level bridge into deep ravine bottom and a parachute jump from a plane Ha Ha just kidding.So looking forward to resume of BRT May God Bless!!!

  8. Steve I enjoy picture of you vacation and I love vacation video that put in. Enjoy rest of your vacation and stay safe there lot bad weather out there . We getting bad weather where we live. I’m looking forward hearing from you when back on the truck.
    Robin from Port Charlotte, FLorida

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