Happy Independence Day

Good morning America! Are you ready for me to finish time off and hit the road again? Yeah, about that… lol

No luck on getting the laptop fixed so far, so one way or another we will do a video  and get you up to speed.

A big round of applause goes to Road Crew member Hurdy Gurdy for the fantastic design of this poster for us and allowing bigrigtravels to post it. Many thanks Hurdy!

14 thoughts on “Happy Independence Day

  1. hi steve if your looking for a new laptop and dont want too spend a oh lot of $ on one i think this could work out grate for you


    i have a chromebook now wish is the only thing i need really and its working out grate for me steve so if the only thing you are going too be doing is website stuff that sould would out for you with no issues at all

    1. David, unfortunately for what Steve needs he’ll want something way more powerful that can run Windows (or Linux, idk what he prefers, but DEFINITELY something other than ChromeOS, which OBS will NOT run on whatsoever.)

  2. Happy 4th Steve and Laptops can be a pain to work on. The hard part is taking them apart, but replacing the fan is easy and that’s what keeps the CPU cool, if fan goes out and don’t shut down you will cook the CPU which is 75% of the cost of the computer. If you can’t fix the laptop you can remove the hard drive and put it in a case and use it as a USB external drive. That way you can save what documents, pictures, videos you have on it. Enjoy your time off, everyone needs a good vacation from life itself.

  3. Hey Steve—wishing you a good July 4th and hope you’re getting much needed rest and time off As i am from the dark ages of pre computer days i wont even try to tell you what as is best in the way of needed repairs and improvements and what i would recommend as i dont know Dang These New Fangled Contraptions Anyhow!!!! So ill just hang tire till you can –Mash It again.God Bless

  4. wow!:) perfect work! it looks like poster for some blockbuster movie;) Steve is cool there:) great done Hurdy Gurdy!

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