July first!

Good Monday morning and Happy July 1. We are unloading at our delivery this morning in Madison,  Wisconsin.  They put us in a door an hour early so I’m hoping we get done pretty quickly.  I do have a doctor’s appointment before lunch so it’d be great if we can make it on time and not need to reschedule it.

Once done here we will head back to Belvidere in Illinois for time off. I advise you not to just disappear the next few days but rather, keep an eye out for the next Radio Show….. The drive from Madison to Belvidere will be our last broadcast in this truck!!

21 thoughts on “July first!

  1. I’m always keeping an eye out on the website to see what’s next even when you’re on time off. Hope you get to enjoy your time off and not have to reschedule your appointment. You’ve peaked my interest by saying the next broadcast will be the last one in this truck however, you’ve got me excited to hear about what’s coming up! Happy 1st of July Steve, and happy 4th as well!

  2. YAY new truck cant wait tell you come back and see what they give you for a new truck i hop its the same kind of truck but with the year 2019 truck or 2020 truck any ways cant wait for the road crew show too so you can tell us more

  3. Happy Fourth, Steve. Will be ready to go cruising again and this time in a new truck. Hope you and the robot driver get along.😀😋

  4. enjoy your time off 🙂 i still love the streams on u tube and will be with the roadcrew forever its neat to hang out and ride along with you take your time and hope to watch more soon

  5. I’m little bit sad about our old truck:( so many miles and memories… This Freightliner was not only your home but also mine since fall/winter (?) 2016… well, life is change:) Have the happy Fourth of July and enjoy your time off;) Thank you Steve for discovering and sharing all the beauties of the USA with us. Great work. God bless!! Happy 245th birthday America!!

  6. Enjoy your time off Steve, looking forward to having a ride in the new truck Cant wait to see it would be awesome and Happy 4th of July Enjoy Your Steak

  7. Thanks Steve! Enjoy your time off and the holiday! Can’t wait to find out what’s next for the Crew — take care!

  8. Wonder if they are going to keep you with freightliner or give you something else.. Either way, can’t wait to see the new truck!

  9. New truckin’ company, new or not so new , new truck . ” Have to do what’s good for me” . Enjoy your time off can’t wait to see if I am right.

    1. I’m on time off man…lol
      I promised a radio show if I can swing it, I still plan to….but can I get a few days off first?

  10. so steve have you got a ch too see your new truck yet or no what year or model of the truck your getting i hop they give you a 2019 or 2020 truck

    1. I am not worried about any truck. new, old, or otherwise. First, I am going to enjoy my time off.

  11. oh man, i saw now the photo of DIY incident. It looks very bad:) I had such incidents befor too:D bald head? Anyway Happy 4th of July Steve!

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