Real quickly

Howdy Road Crew!  Just a quick update.  Yes, I will talk live with you guys as soon as I get rolling.  I have been extremely busy trying to get things done and ready for my vacation! I haven’t forgotten about ya’ll.  The last few days has been a whirlwind of activity around here.

Yes, we will broadcast live driving here shortly.  Just have patience. Everyone please take the time to thank Hurdy Gurdy for making our wonderful vacation graphics and Marco the hamster for getting our vacation trip databases ready so you can still follow bigrigtravels on vacation! I greatly appreciate the support these folks offer to the website.

12 thoughts on “Real quickly

  1. Steve Have a Great time on Vacation Glad give you big break off the road for while Have a alot of Fun time while Vacation get in water cool off and relax on vacation go find some Frog LOL

  2. Hi Steve! Hope you’re enjoying your time off! A big thank you to Hurdy Gurdy — what an amazing poster!! And a big thank you to Marco, too, for all the work he’s doing. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

  3. :)) Steve, have a GREAT vacation! perfect Hurdy Gurdy’s poster again;) Enjoy! Thanks you share with road crew your vacation’s adventures… first trip Dubuque – fishing in Mississippi R.?:) Maybe you meet Nancy again;) Have a great time You and your friends!! (hope there will be some 55th birthday party photo(s) ;)) God bless you and all road crew. bye bye…

  4. Wonderful! I’m glad you get to do some pleasure driving for a change. I’m not entirely clear on your plan, but I assume you plan to stop and see some things along the way. In that case, I suggest Apple River Canyon, Mississippi Palisades, and Mines of Spain as nice, scenic park destinations on that first segment even if you don’t care to do any “real” hiking. I don’t think I remember seeing any of those three on your photography website. Have a great trip, safe travels, and Lord bless.

  5. Hello Steve! When you said you had a surprise coming, you warn’t kidding! How nice of you to invite the crew to tag along with you on your great adventure and vacation, thank you! This sounds so exciting to travel the back roads and pass through small town America on historic RT 20! Thanks so much Hurdy Gurdy & Marco for all the adjustments that were done to make the trip very enjoyable for all to follow along on . Can’t wait to hit the road!

  6. Steve,
    I have been watching for a few years and am glad you are taking some extended vacation. If I follow US20 correctly it will take you through Casper, WY and on to Cody, WY. Timing might be right for the Cody Rodeo (was there a few years ago and can’t remember exactly when it was). Then on to the East Entrance to Yellowstone!
    Congrats on moving your career forward!

  7. You’ve earned the month off, Steve. Enjoy the time you have off until the itch to get back on the road gets you at the end of the month 🙂

  8. Don’t get blood clots there,Steve. I had blood clots since 2008 and still take warfarin and go thru monthly checkup.

  9. enjoy steve you have alot to do take your time and enjoy the great views thanks agian for the updates 🙂

  10. If you should make it to Sisters, you may want to take a journey on OR 242, lava fields, Dee Wright Observatory and the highway use to be OR 126. A scenic slow trip, myself and SO take and drive it once a year. Be safe on your holiday time off.

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