Glad it’s done!

Early morning to ya! We finally got rid of our load and delivered it safely. We have been running into our 70 hour clock every day. What should have been an easy two day run ended up stretching over three days, a 70 hour violation and night driving which I didn’t like! Regardless, it was a safe trip with some fantastic springtime views throughout the mountains in California. We dropped our loaded trailer but they had no available empty trailers so we are sitting bobtail at the truck stop until the bosses come in and decide what happens next. As of right now we only have 5.5 hours on our 70 and on Saturday we gain just another 5 hours so we will be very limited in what we can do. As soon as I hear of our next plan, I’ll let ya know.

13 thoughts on “Glad it’s done!

  1. As always you do your best in a safe manner and that is what counts. Maybe time off to gain more hours?
    What does the violation mean?
    You always do us good so maybe a nice nap for now will be good.
    Thanks Steve

  2. Good morning bob tailer. Watching the news and your driving skills going down the road, if you go to Othello like you did the last time you delivered Grandview (WDC), please protect yourself against the covid-19. These meat plants are one of the greatest spreaders of the virus. JBS, Cargill, Smithville are all on the news and some of these plants arent testing their employees and they are taking the virus to their communities as reported on the news. Be safe Steve, we need to see American via you.
    Thanks Jay Cowieson

  3. Steve i want to express my appreciation for all your best example of character-truck driver-patient and perserverience of stress and frustrations of unexpected speed bumps and hanging in there!! Praying for you and may GOD protect you !!! Steve is best of best in all you do and are!!! Okay–Mash It!!===also do a good job of keeping Chatty in her place!!

  4. Maybe they should have you do a 34 hour restart soon to reset the 70 hour clock as you have been running up against the clock for the past few days.

  5. Ed here from upstate New York watched the whole trip great driving glad your safe. We are waiting for your next trip .I love the truck stop action to me and my wife watch you every day. Peace and love to you and your family.

  6. Hi Steve! Hope the bosses get you a new trip soon — but while you’re waiting I’m sure you’ll find plenty to do. Please take care and get some relaxation in!

  7. If you have to take a 34 hour restart or a partial day off to recover hours, it looks like you’ve found a great place to do it. If you’re at the truck stop I think you’re at, there’s even a bike path that runs right in front of the truck stop! It sure would be a nice day for a walkabout or segway ride; just a thought. 😉 Safe travels and Lord bless.

    1. I think Steve is safer in his own truck right now don’t think Steve wants to get covid-19 all so other idea is might want too check the state rules on what you can or can not do case right now I don’t think you can this go on a walk about or a Segway ride when ever you want we are living in a hole new word now where life have change us and the way we do things

  8. “Be free” is better than “Be safe”. Don’t give up your liberties. In America we have the right of free speech, the right to gather in crowds, the right to pursue life liberty and happiness. Plenty people have died for our civil liberties. The right to freedom is God given, not government given.

    1. Disappointed to see politics entering into the blog replies. With all due respect, TK, civil disobedience is not the wisest course to be taking right now. Just my opinion, since you gave yours. God save this nation, and the world.

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