New records twice!

Good Wednesday morning from California! We have been reaching and hoping to break the 1,000+ simultaneous broadcast viewers this year and we did it not once but two different times yesterday!! Our new official record from YouTube is 1,251! Wow, I know yesterday was a great day for driving with light traffic, mountains and springtime wildflowers but what else happened? It’s great to see folks spreading the word!

We are coming up short on our 70 hour clock again today. This morning we are starting off with only 6 hours and 8 minutes on our clock but do gain back 11 hours tomorrow. Let’s see what we can do today.

10 thoughts on “New records twice!

  1. Love your show I’m 57 my dad was a truck driver back in the 70s and 80 s…me and my wife watch you every day we are in upstate New York. Peace and love to you my friend stay safe.

  2. Woo hoo 1000+ congrats!! Sunny n 80° too.
    Going to be in the 30’s next couple nights and snow showers this Friday and Saturday here 🙁
    Love the journeys you take us on thank you 😊

  3. Steve,
    Carrying an extra 1000+ of the road crew along is going to drop your MPG’s ….ha ha. Congratulations. Been watching for years and the channel gets better and better. Take care and keep on trucking!

  4. Alright I am so confused. I know you and your bosses are believers in the driving clock. And you’ve busted it over once this trip and not by very much. You see I remember a time when there was no clocks. And I respect the need for them. But two weeks ago I read from more than one source that the federal government said it was okay for truckers delivering food or essential goods to bust the time to get the job done.
    … Why hasn’t you’re bosses and planners and fortune tellers given you permission to ignore the clock to get the job done since the federal government has heretofore said trucker’s could get a waiver on the time. Like its not the 100 hours a day that truckers used to do. And I’ve been a guest in your truck. You don’t abuse the intent of the driving limits. So why hasn’t your boss simply told you finish this job and we’ll slack up on the next set trip times?
    … And if you need a witness to back you up. Anyone trusts the word of any of your Canadian Road Crew.

  5. Howdy Steve! T-Bear here. Congrats on the climbing viewership numbers, buddy. Ya gotta love that.
    And thanks for the kind shout-out my way while you were skirting world-famous Tracy, CA. Yup, I was indeed listening as ya asked and so thank you. I was also hollering that you had just missed your doggone exit! Just blame me as the distraction…. I’m totally ok with that (lol). Though just two more exits on the 580 and you woulda pretty much been right smack in my driveway. Glad it all worked out with that quick route 132 triangle connector back to the 5. Happens all the time, myself included a couple of times. You take good care of yourself and safe travels my friend.

  6. I used to know the answer to this, but don’t anymore. Has anyone taken notice of how many hours a week Steve drives? I know it used to equal nearly 2 full jobs every single week.
    That’s a lot! It surely puzzles me why anyone wants him to do more.

    1. He’s allowed a maximum of 70 on-duty/working hours over a rolling 8-day period, if I understand the usual rules correctly (which I may not: everything I know about trucking I’ve learned by watching Big Rig Travels). And yes, asking anyone to work more than that seems unreasonable to me also.

  7. hi Steve

    I see a dinosaur in snowman cam in front of you can you go give it a kiss ?

  8. Hi Steve,
    Congrats on the new milestones for BRT! Being a great ambassador for the industry as a safe driver these achievements will continue to draw new viewers as people come to appreciate the proper way truckers can obey all the laws and still get the job done incident free. Great job and thanks again for allowing all of us viewers be part of a fun place to both visit, ride along and experience. Hope to see you again soon! God Bless and stay safe.

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