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Friday and 34 Restart

Happy Friday ya’ll! Just a quick update, first, we are currently broadcasting live and watching the truckstop action with a perfect view of the fuel islands at the Love’s truckstop in Prosser, Washington.

We were bobtail this morning because the delivery didn’t have any empties available for us but we have since gone and picked one up for us to use on the next trip. Because we only have 3 hours today and gain just five back tomorrow, we will take a 34 hour restart. Enough of this fighting the clocks!

The next trip is now posted but picks up Monday morning. It takes us through the backroads using US95 through Nevada and California. We have taken US 395 just once since we started back in 2006, so this will be a very special treat for me! The drawback is the more remote it is, the less ability to actually broadcast, but as usual, the snowman camera can still send a few pictures to feed your eyes and the GPS showing location as we roll….

23 thoughts on “Friday and 34 Restart

  1. Onions? Frozen potato’s? Cheese? Will be waiting for trip journal’s update down the highway.

  2. Oh, US 395 is breathtaking! I hope dispatch & shippers (& whoever) don’t mess this ride up. I want. I want.

  3. Surely something to look forward to. Consider this a belated Happy Mother’s Day gift (as it won’t happen til Monday ) 😎
    Like you said TK, hopefully it won’t be a “ghost trip”!

    1. Thank you, GM. Exactly what I was thinking, too, about it being like a gift we can share.
      And share with the whole RC as well. Steve is so happy to drive this road again (if it works out) that I am happy for him.
      Steve sends e-flowers and hilarious cat jokes several times a month all year long anyway.

      1. Oh that’s very cool of him! What an inspiration he has to be 🙂 Apparently 1000+ people also think the same (record views from a day or two ago)!
        Sending kitty jokes?! I think someone misses TK 🙂
        Should be a splendid ride but not good timing for workplace to take down YouTube. Apparently bandwidth needed fir all those workin from home Grrrrrrrr I’ll most likely miss most of it live.

  4. Steve, there’s some high passes on US395 from Reno/Gardnerville south that will make the Freightliner groan. You’ll pass through Inyo County California which has the highest peak in the lower 48—Mount Whitney—and the lowest point in the lower 48 with Death Valley. Inyo and Mono counties are tow of the most beautiful places to drive in the US. I’m looking forward to the ride!

  5. Mother’s Day will be a treat to drive with yall. we be making a bedside stand outside and still see the tv with youtube on. happy trails to you, until we meet again. also looking forward to your Sunday video. laters.

  6. appears to be a good location to do the 34 restart. looking forward to your Mother’s Day drive as we will be riding along, eating Cheetos and drinking soda. waiting for the Sunday video, also. family will be making bedside stand during your drive. tv will be on with bigrigtravels on. have a safe trip, happy trails to you, until we meet again . . .

  7. Hi Steve,
    Great, I can’t wait to be there. But 3 days without moving for you, it’s not too long?

    1. shipper is not open until monday….

  8. Seems your excited to take 95 then 395, after you leave 84 to 95 there isn’t anything to see once you get to Jordan Valley. I thought you’d just back track a little and then take 97 from Biggs. To avoid LA and the Grape vine climb cross over at Bakersfield to the jnctn up on the Mojavi desert with 395 and then drop down into the east LA valley at San Bernadino and Riverside. As you know it’s freeway from Mt Shasta and better travel I think.

    1. but I have to go the shortest way and follow fuel routes….

      1. Have a great ride and be safe. We’ll see how the feed is out there in “no man’s land”.Lol Be checkin’ in throughout the day. First thing up east of Boardman and Pendleton is The Cabbage Patch Hill, you where just up that a few weeks ago, long and boring. Take care Captain your crew awaits!!!

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    Is this jusr me getting an error on big youtube play back??

    1. where are you getting this?
      youtube seems fine to me, I just looked

  10. When I try to look at the big youtube picture it says An error has occurred. tru again later.If I copy the full error code I get all that stuff as debug codes. I know youtube is ok because I watch it about 12 hours a day/.
    This error just started about three days ago Never had any problem before,

  11. Similar problem with youtube your site – but I’m able to get around it by going direct to youtube.:

    “Error occurred . . . . . Playback ID: cvIDCc_d9e_n9Ch2”

    1. I haven’t done anything in that area so I’m hoping it is a YouTube thing but we will keep an eye on it

  12. As you drive through Davis Creek, CA wave to Davis Creek Mercantile.
    My cousin owns and runs the place. It’s the only store in Davis Creek, and also serves as the Post Office for the town.
    Always good lunches there. Also have family that live in Alturas, CA.

    Stay safe, and have a good drive on Monday!

  13. so u’ll be in my neck of the California woods steve

  14. Enjoy your time off in the meantime, Steve. I don’t know who admitted me into your FB Road Crew Group, but, I wanted to say Thank You. Tried to find Janet Martin (She always asked me about my load runs thru Brenner Pass on the Austrian-Italian Border) & Tomas “Tomato-head” Seaman on there, but, struck out; I don’t think that they are on FB.

    1. Andre thanks for your report of the interest i have of your European trucking I am Jim husband of Janet and just use her established id tag as i am from pre-historic days before internet and computers so take simple way to chat!! As i was stationed at Hahn Air Base Germany i have interest in Europe interests and Brenner Pass very scenic.. Good to connect Andre and you have also drove in US sos for me are interesting person No not on face book!!! wish you very best!!

  15. Steve. I’m looking forward to Monday. It’s my 80th birthday and I can’t think of a better way to spend it than with you and the road crew. Be safe out there.

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