Complete waste

Howdy and welcome back to the highway – well sort of anyway. We have tried multiple locations across the Chicago area for an empty trailer to take to the shipper to get loaded but none were to be found. We played on the backroads in ice and snow and yucky winter weather but now the shipper has closed for the day and since that is the case, there is absolutely no reason for me to continue sliding around in this mess today. As of yet, i do not have an answer about if the shipper will even be open tomorrow either since it is a Sunday. At this point we are shutting down until tomorrow and then we will see what happens with this weather and trip. So, enjoy the snowman camera and watch the snowy mess!

16 thoughts on “Complete waste

  1. Rough day for sure. At least the delay kept you out of the really bad weather down along I-70. Of course, the weather around Chicago was bad enough. I do hope you get to keep the trip to Cincinnati: I spent the first 28 years of my life there, and it’s still my favorite part of the world. Hang in there, turn up the heater, safe travels, and Lord bless.

  2. hi steve you think you can turn on the stream for a little bit then we can may be have a chat and watch the snow and trucks go by

  3. by the way steve why you where away how did thing go with the truck did they fix the tal light that you where haveing trouble with ?

    1. They gave the truck a full front end alignment, replaced both steer tires, replaced the headlight socket, full 50k checkup and service. They did a great job, I could instantly tell the difference in handling.

  4. Sorry Steve that you had a rough start on your hunt for a trailer. Course the weather didn’ t help done either. Hope tomorrow will be a better day. I will be with you on your hunt for a trailer and your journey on the trip. Stay warm tonight and take care of yourself.

    1. Try doing a force-refresh in chrome (Ctrl-Shift-R in Windows or Command-Shift-R on a mac), that fixed mine when then the snowman cam got stuck today.

  5. Yes it might be a waste but you are off the slippery roads and tomorrow is another day. Stay positive. Hope you are able to get some rest. Sweet dreams.

  6. Oh Steve What a day you have had not a good start from your break get some rest and tomorrow will be better {keep ya chin up mate } but I am happy you are back

  7. Good too see ya truck had a good service and repairs made ……………..Mash it ……….when its safe lol

  8. Hi Steve, Maybe I’m missing something as I know nothing about trucking but it seems amazing in this digital age that the trailers are not tagged and records kept as to where they are. I enjoyed your trips down the backroads, that was very interesting to see the small places and although it must have been a hassle for you particularly in the bad weather conditions. All the best.

    1. Everything is satellite tagged, but the issue is trailers on customers lots, even if empty, may not be available for removal. In most cases, the shippers won’t let them go because they plan on loading them. Another reason is a trailer may be available, but when I look at it, I may find something that makes it unsafe to use and/or the previous driver didn’t report it. Also, quite a few times, a driver is told to take a certain trailer but then chooses to depart with a different one and not telling anyone.

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