2018 Statistics

Good morning America! We have the 2018 figures in. Ken Laws our YouTube chat moderator and key component for bigrigtravels came up with the following:

States Visited? 45. Counties drove through? 1112
119 different trips but with a total of 131 deliveries.
Most run through state? Illinois 37 times
Most run Interstate? Interstate 39.
Total Miles driven in 2018? 114,784.

We will start rolling towards our delivery shortly. They won’t let us in earlier than one hour before our appointment of 230pm.

24 thoughts on “2018 Statistics

  1. I guess you diverted toward Canton instead of the planned route map for better truckstop options. I heard you say the part of Ohio you are delivering to doesn’t have many truckstops to park for the night. Let’s see if you can break 115,000 next year before you have to turn the old freightliner in!

  2. Wow!!! Just goes to show what a hard worker you are Steve..but we don’t need stats to prove that to us..Thank you for allowing us to travel with you..

  3. hi steve i was thinking i think it may be time too upgrade too the samsung S9 + has the samsung S9 will have more LTE bands then your samsung note 5 have right now and the samsung S9 may do better on the back roads then the note 5 so i was thinking if you got the S9 now for live streaming you can this keep the snowman cam on the note 5 for right now has that dos this fine

    do you ever used the S pen with your note 5? that why i was thinking the S9 + would be a better setup for you and its cheaper starting at $929 at verizon so not bad i say this if you upgrade now or soon you would not have too upgrade for a vary long long time unless some in happens with the phone or some in but if your happy with the note 5 right now that is fine and all right with me but am this saying it might be time too upgrade the note 5 that you used for live streaming too a samung S9 + has it will have more LTE bands too work with then the ageing samsung note 5 you have right now and the S9 may due better on the back roads then the note 5 dos

    just some in too think about it is 2019 after all

  4. why are you park in the mid of no where on the side of road at lest that what snowman cam is showing on the web site wont a truck stop be much more better?

    1. Because when I pulled in at 4am, the truckstop was full. Now the truck is in the shop for scheduled maintenance

  5. Interstate 39 being the leading Interstate traveled is a bit misleading as Steve mostly travels that to and from home area. I-39 North of Rockford has been an add on and cosigned with the existing sections of I-90 and I-90/I-94.

  6. Hi steve u have a good break relax if u can enjoy ya time off …….Thank u for your work u put in to live feeds and Big Rig Travels …..

  7. Hi Steve have somr good time off and get refreshed and enjoy time off road.As we just got the bathroom all tore up starting Monday morning it works out good as i won’t be feeling out of it without the BRT site to occupy my time.So works out good for goth of us So by time you get back on the road again hopefully we will be able to shower in our new bath room in our house God Bless All

  8. How many besides me checked the blog every day looking for the update Steve said on the last video Monday that he was going to put up Tuesday?

    1. I updated the trip information to reflect and inform you guys of my return date. From now on, I won’t ask or tell anyone to check the blog. You can check it or not, whatever you feel like.

      1. Steve, I come with my hat in my hand & I apologize for my attitude in my last post. I didn’t mean to come across as rough as I did or whatever! I was looking forward to your updates. I seriously appreciate all you do for us followers! Thanks again!

  9. hi steve i hop you had a good time off and where able too get a lot of things done i was wanting too no when we might be returning too the road ?

  10. 185 tkm per year is quite a lot. In Europe we don’t exeed 150tkm per year anymore (30 days of payed holiday per year and electronic control of daily driving and working hours) – and still feel stressed because of all the daily hazzle at the loading stations, together with all the tough competition from all the other drivers from ‘new’ european nations like romania or lithuania, etc. now en route through central europe as well. Thanks for sharing and always a safe drive!

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