2019 delivery

Good evening everybody. The first delivery of the new year is now complete. We have the next two trips lined up and the next trip is already posted in the trip information panel. Make sure you check in for a Special “On Location” Live Broadcast that will start about 9:10am Eastern Time.

17 thoughts on “2019 delivery

  1. Nightbot
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    nightBot steve is not making any since at the end where it says donate where i get 97% like myself how dos nightbot get 97%? too me that dos not make any since at all since he nightbot is not a really mod any way you or one of the mods can update that too where it makes a little more since

    1. Poorly worded by Nightbot. Steve gets the money in any event. If you contribute in the chat he loses 35% that goes to You Tube or whoever. If you contribute through the BigRig web site Steve only loses 3% so if you give him $10 he gets $6.50 from the chat…..if you give him same $10 he gets $9.70 on his web site.

  2. Hi Steve I have a website idea. Could you move the visted. Counties map too it’s own tab on the red bar it would make it much easier for 1st timer too find it and when A user hit the tab they can pick what year they want like 2016 2017 and so on under that tab

  3. I’m really looking forward to the trip you’re taking to Wintersville, Ohio. That’s in a real nice hilly part of Ohio kinda near where Bob Evans (mmm) has their farms. If you get the chance to go through Steubenville if your next trip takes you through it, I’d really like to see it. I hear it is the place to live if you want to escape PA’s hokey case liquor laws.

  4. Last night you said you would update the blog and that we should be sure to read it tonight. But even now, the next morning, there was no new info. It only says you are going to have a “special” broadcast. Obviously that was written much earlier in the day because when you sign off on the live stream you announce that you will Not be doing the broadcast. I find you do this often in that you promise one thing but don’t follow through. Of course, circumstances can happen but then you should provide a fair explanation to your road crew who are loyal and deserving of such. but when you say “be sure to check the blog” and don’t follow through it is frustrating and somehow feels that you are click baiting us. It happens all too often. I rarely check the blog any more because of this as don’t feel you are not reliable in following through. It’s too bad!

    1. Let’s see… I did not broadcast the 5 miles between the delivery and this truckstop because no point in doing a 5 minute show. Secondly, I wrote this blog after my arrival at the truckstop lastnight. Exactly what are you expecting? I will start broadcasting again this morning just as I said. You are free to not check the blog or any of the website as you wish…
      In fact, after reading this, I decided we won’t be doing the planned Special broadcast. I will continue with my day as usual.

      1. I have to apologize Steve. I had misread the blog assuming you were saying 9:15 PM last night for the special broadcast and now see that it was AM. I humbly ask your forgiveness but do not deserve such and will ban myself from your site.

    2. Mr. John B.!! Thanks for Nothing!!! Steve does this for All of our pleasure. He doesn’t have to do this AT All!! You show a TOTAL Lack of RESPECT to not only Steve but to All of us who follow and Support Steve!! I sincerely think you do NOT realize the Work required to do the LIVE videos, The BRT Webpage and the Blogs. NOT counting the JOB he has to do!! Again THANKS for Nothing!! P.S. I’m being KIND in My reply!!

  5. John B. shame on you!! Steve tries as hard as he can to keep up with all that he has going on and then you come along and basically label him a lay, fraud!! Maybe you SHOULD ban yourself from this site. You did NOT make any friends by your scathing comment. You owe Steve more than just a couple sentence apology. As my brother (who was also a trucker) says “Opinions are like butts…everyone has one and they all stink”. And I cleaned that up to keep it family friendly. So go find someone else who needs your opinion & venomous comments because Steve (and the rest of us) DON’T need them. Have a nice day and I pray that you learn to THINK, RE-READ and take time to read again before making such nasty comments.

  6. John B just have a look at all the old videos of Steve driving mate he is a kind hearted man who loves the Trucking industry and shares his life with us through live videos. This is his hobby doing live broadcast for us which change so quickly ,I am not going on to say anymore about this matter I do believe in giving you another go just do the right thing don’t have a go at Steve he is a bloody good bloke and he has a good road crew now 25,000 plus so lets get behind him and enjoy what he brings to us to enjoy ………..

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