Daily Summary for 1/25/23

Welcome to the new daily summary blog. BRS done driving for the day 16:16 EST ….up against 70 hr clock 🕰️  down to 0:02 minutes when we stopped the clock… Flying theWV called out stop the clock first…gain back 9hrs tomorrow…Casey Mallory  won the prediction of where BRS would stop 🛑 for the day. Numbers covered 304 miles 489 km today drop and hook at shipper ( Steve treats us again with camera was flipped so we could help him with rolling up the trailer landing gear ie…dollies) rolled out of Virginia and across West Virginia where we honked and waved at Greg Treadway (weirdo in the ditch) …432 miles 695 km to delivery tomorrow…. Clocks 🕰️ 4:20 11hr 5:51 14hr 0:02 70hr last eight days running totals  3,085 miles 4,964km ….Received diamond 💎 status at ❤️🧡💛 today…Do have next trip live load and drop at delivery more details tomorrow after delivery ( teaser clue Nashville & Chattanooga is on the next trip ) …No watch party… go to Bigrigtravels.com 24/7 live cam to watch snow man to see out front window of Blue Comet  …No alarm ⏰ clock tomorrow…..Time off will be coming up first part of February…Also of note we spent a Thanksgiving day with BRS here in this exact location in 2021 …Woo hoo….Welcome back all to Kentucky!

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