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Daily Summary for 5/5/2023

Big Rig Steve safely parked 13:56 EDT. Officially  done driving for the day. Cue the watch party . We are near Staunton, Virginia at the ❤️with fuel ⛽️ island view for rest of the day and overnight until BRS is ready to pickup the load tomorrow. 

Title: “A beautiful day to hang out Bobtail” in Virginia. 

Big Rig Travels broadcast day started 10:26 EDT near Ruther Glen, Virginia in line at the Blue Beacon truck wash for a trailer washout.

13:25 EDT Camera is flipped to British driving then cue Steve for nice wave at us and then into stealth mode (muted). Yes, we were allowed to view our tour guide going about the trailer drop at the shipper. 

Trailer dropped 13:40 EDT, we are officially Bobtail Bob on our way to truck stop to wait for the loading to be completed tonight. We will go the quick trip to the ❤️ for the night and come back and pick up the trailer in the morning. Open delivery: we can deliver any time prior to midnight Monday. 

Numbers : 10 miles 16 km to shipper, 137 miles 190 km covered today. Clocks: 8:12 hours on 11 hr, 9:55 hours on 14 hr, 56:07 hours on the 70 hr, do not gain back any hours tomorrow. 

Another good day for Big Rig Travels 

Welcome to Virginia (yes we are still here).

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