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Daily Summary for 5/4/2023

Big Rig Steve arrived safely near Ruther Glen, Virginia at 6:42 EDT at the Flying J to complete a split clock due to running low on 14 hour clock. 190 miles 304 km to go to delivery.

Update: This is where the trip ends up being terminated due to lack of time to make delivery. The trip ends up being repowered by another driver. 

Title: Midnight adventure? Midnight excursions?

Big Rig Travels broadcast begins 0:58 EDT as we are leaving the shipper near Maxton, North Carolina in early morning hours after live loading completed. Yes, three hours to load, dag nabit.

Trip is an overnight run due to scheduled delivery time restraints. Backroads until we get to the big road. 

First order of business is find Cat Scale to confirm mass/weigh on each axel. We know the total weight is 79,760 lbs but do not know if we are legal. Unfortunately, no Cat Scale nearby so off we go. 

Beyond  Fayetteville, NC we finally find the lit up yellow Cat Scale sign greeting us to check mass/weight at 2:04 EDT on to the scale we go communicating, processing , “ewe” not a good response. Yep, time to move the trailer tandems. Try number two: “well, made a difference but not enough”. Try number three: still not good,  we have to move fifth wheel forward.  (Yes, this is not ideal as far as Steve is concerned). Try number four: we are close now, we need change trailer tandem again to all the way back. Try number five: we are legal. Problem is resolved, except we can only run on limited amount of fuel of 1/4 tank or less. Frustrating that we keep getting these heavy loads that require messing  with the fifth wheel.  11,900 front 33,900 drive 33,920 trailer tandem.

Time for coffee finally. Steve said “can’t even get a hamburger “. Also instructed Road Crew not to eat anything either: we are too close on weight. Thirty minute break completed during this mess. 

This play back is worth viewing if you want to see what is required to be legal, while completing in the dark hours of the night. Back rolling 2:50 EDT on the big road I-95. 

3:04 EDT, we are forced off the big road, closed due to some unknown reason. Lots of flashing lights, unsure if it was due to road construction or big old accident. Back to backroads again. Blue Comet was not happy. 

Back on to big road I-95 at 3:17 EDT. 

BRS has poll question proposed about high low beam etiquette at 4:53 EDT.

4:55 EDT Welcome to Virginia sign greeted BRT near Skippers, VA.

5:10 EDT Steve started to see the dawn of daylight. Yes, Jim/Janet a “song ” broke out. 

Numbers not discussed at the time of stopping as BRS had planned to resume trip at 13:00 EDT. 

Another good overnight drive for Big Rig Travels. 

Welcome to Virginia. 

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