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Daily Summary for 5/2/2023

Big Rig Steve safely parked at ❤️ near Dillon, South Carolina including a watch party later in the afternoon. 

Title: Getting in position for next load 

Big Rig Travels broadcast began 11:48 EDT as BRS works his way, as instructed to get in position for next trip by heading west. 

We work our way back to I-95 area where we are able to go north south or west towards wherever the next trip will start tomorrow night. 

Numbers today 68 miles 109 km approximately 1:30 minutes travel time on fresh 70 hours clock. 

Next trip is posted on the website

Another good day for Big Rig Travels. 

Welcome to South Carolina. 

Please post your comment about todays travel on the website for BRS to read. 

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